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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Thailand slot game - Lady of the Orient

I always find it interesting to play a slots game that I can relate to, be it based on a theme of something I'm particularly interested in or in this case an actual place I have visited. Especially if the slot game software provider has gone to good efforts to represent as well as possible the theme its based on.

Today I was playing and at the same time reviewing Lady of the Orient which to me was clearly a slot game based on Thailand, a beautiful country I have been fortunate enough to visit for no less than 3 weeks on my honeymoon!

The Lady of the Orient the name of the slot game and one of the key video slot symbols in the game was clearly meant to be of Thai origin because I recognised the traditional Thai woman's head dress.

The Elephant, another symbol in the game is actually the national symbol of Thailand.

Other symbols were the style of the palace is also a give away so is the thinner (but not quite Indian style) gold Buddha symbol (Chinese Buddha's are the Fatter ones).

Another bit of trivia for you is that Thailand used to be called Siam (hence where Siamese Fighting Fish were first found) (by pure coincidence I have one of those as well). Well the reason is that it was called Siam was because when Thailand was first discovered by the Portuguese they had a Chinese cook on board upon discovering this land with people who to the Portuguese looked similar to Chinese, they asked their Chinese cook to come and translate. He said he couldn't so they asked him the name of these new people they had found and he said Siam (which he pronounced Same).

That sound / word in Chinese actually meant black and from a Chinese stance was an insult. So we along with the rest of Europe went on to call that country Siam until they later changed the name to Thailand.

The fact I had also been there also helped me recognise the music during the free spins was also traditional Thai music. The traditional Thai music on the free spins was played in the entrance hall live pretty much all the time at a hotel we stayed in
in Bangkok by just one young lady.

Another interesting and slightly related fact is that Buddhist's are the only major religious group to have never started a war, maybe we should all convert ;o)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

$100 Giveaway to boost Slots Forum Posts

Today we emailed our 4th Slots Jam newsletter with details of a $100 prize give-away in the hope of getting more people to post in our slots forum.

The forum is a key part of Slots Jam and we use it to keep site vistors fully up to date on the latest new slots games and slots tournaments.

Alot of people view the information in the forum and we have had alot of members join, but not many people actually post. So hopefully this will act as an incentive.

Since the start of creating Slots Jam we were keen to get a slots players community started. A place where players can share thoughts and opinions on the many different slot games available online, or even to use our expertise knowledge with regards to playing online and asking questions in our beginners section.

The promotion runs from now until the end of January and the prize money has kindly been offered by one our favourite online casinos SuperSlots. It certainly offers good odds of winning for anyone who does meet the required number of 10 posts.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Big Inca Bonus Win

I had a very nice bonus win today playing one of Microgaming newest slot games at 7 Sultans Casinoslot games.

The slot game was Inca Gold and I won $3600 in the bonus game, so yes I certainly found the Inca gold. A total of 14,400 coins which is actually bigger than the jackpot prize you can win on the 5 reel slot which is 10,000 coins. As you will be able to work out I was playing 25 cent coins.

The bonus game is very simple to play and I activated it after just 53 spins.

As I was reviewing the game I was hoping to hit the bonus game so I could take a screenshot.

I couldn't wait to also post the screenshot as my First Moment of Fame Winning More than the Jackpot.

The game is obviously one of my favourites now :). Still I found it an interesting slot game to review and in doing so learnt a little about the ancient Inca civilisation which at one point was the largest nations on the earth. Actually gold was one of the reasons for there downfall as they were attacked for there wealth and huge amounts of gold by the Spanish.

Sacred sites and burial toms are still raided today in hope of finding some ancient Inca gold.

For more information on the actual slot game read my Inca Gold Slots Review.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jingle Bells and Santa Paws - Christmas is coming

Still a little tired this evening after a long days Christmas shopping. What better way to relax than to chill out and check out the brand new Christmas Slots from the leading casino software provider Microgaming.

My favourite of the 2 was Santa Paws, the 5 reel 20 payline video slot.
Santa Paws Slots Game

The game is set in the Arctic North Pole which I've seen plenty of over the last week with the plight of Polar bears and the melting of the Arctic Ice highlighted in a UK TV programme Extinct.

In this game all is well and the Polar bear is the North Poles Santa Paws giving presents to the other young animals, including penguins, which are only found in the Antarctic, but hey for the sake of the game we'll let that one go. Actually I just did a search to check and theres's actually a penguin that lives as far North as the equator, the Galápagos Penguin. Of course as you would expect its a highly endangered species.

The slots game itself has loads going for it including Wild and Scatter symbols, plus free spins during which the Rudolph the Red Nosed Killer Whale symbol becomes a Wild symbol, plus you also get a bonus gamble game. Plenty of fun alround.

Next up was Jingle Bells
a 3 reel 5 payline slot game. I only played this for a few spins as its one of those slot games with high potential payouts but low payout hit rate overall. Nice to have a new classic slot though and a festive one at that.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Festive Freeroll 3 - Wheel of Chance

Today I decided to play properly the 3rd Festive Freeroll from the Vegas Technology powered casino SuperSlots.

The 5 Reel Wheel of Chance Tournament has again proved very popular with well over 7000 players already registered.

Wheel of Chance is the type of slot game I love to play in a slots tournament. This is because it has the Wheel of Chance bonus game which gives you the chance to win big bonus payouts and possibly a ranking place amongst the tournament winners and a share of the prizes.

In my first session of playing the slot game the bonus game seemed to be activated within every 50 spins. So I would play max betting all lines at 1 cent and then increase my bets per line to 5 cents if I hadn't activated the bonus game within 50 spins.

I then carry on increasing the betting stakes every time 50 spins goes without activating the bonus game. I love playing the bonus game at the higher stakes as winning one of the bigger amounts can really boost your tournament ranking.

Of course the game is meant to be fun, so I didn't actually play that regimentally. Sometimes I increased the bets if I went a long spell with zero returns. Or sometimes I increase the bets if I seemed to be on a hot spell.

In my second session I continued the same orginal betting pattern. However this time did the bonus game activate? Nope. I went from a 178 ranking to with about $868 to bust. I didn't activate the bonus game once in over 250 spins. Oh well, its was a fun game.

I'll have another shot at the tournament later in the week at English Harbour.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

RTG Casinos

I spent a few hours today looking for some good Real Time Gaming casinos.

As you may know there software is used by many online casinos and offers a whole range of great slot games, which most importantly can be played by U.S players.

We are currently reviewing RTG slots and will no doubt be in full swing with them and adding them to the site early in the New Year. We will be using 49er casino but just incase old Yosemite Sam doesn't appeal to everybody I think its worth hunting out another reliable and trusted RTG casino.

I personally don't have too much experience with RTG casinos so I start my search by asking in a couple forums for advice and reading up on any comments about the casino.
I have also started a thread in our forum "have you played a RTG slot game" and while I was at it in another thread asksed people opinions of Yosemite Sam.
Its not just a matter of downloading the casinos and just adding them based on looks and game selection, although they are factors.

Its also important that the casino is considered reliable and helpful, not only to us as webmasters but most importantly the support offered to any players who play there. Here at slots jam if any player has a problem with any casino we link to we want to be able to help them out as quickly as possible if we can. We can do that by acting as a go between and if we know we can get fast response to any quieries thats great. Thankfully we haven't had any problems as we have always chosen well who we work with.

First one that was recommended was Atlantic Lounge, I downloaded this. The games set up is pretty similar to 49er. The casino menu is the complete opposite. Instead of the noisy Yosemite Sam its a dead silent lounge.

I then tried Sci Fi casino which is one I've seen around but not tried. Its bascially very similar in most ways to Atlantic Lounge except that the menu is that of a Space Alien casino/ bar. A casino you might expect to see in a Star Wars movie.

Apparantly its "one of the only woman owned online casino and , they have an impeccable record of fairness and have the most responsive customer service department in the industry". All sounds very good.

Once your into the games at these 3 casinos they are all the same. Its just the menus which are different. As far as those menus go you couldn't get 3 more different themes. Not sure I'm overly keen on a pretty dull Atlantic Lounge.

I'll look into more RTG casinos in the near future. If anyone has any comments on any RTG casinos I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mermaids Quest Tournament

I decided today to have a go at the current 7 day Festive Freeroll slots tournament Mermaids Quest at both English Harbour and SuperSlots. I'm a real money player at both so entry is free.

There's already over 10,000 players entered. Not surprising considering there's a prize fund of over $3000 which grows as more players re-buy. Plus theres also $5000 bonus fund which if is free money you win but then have to wager a set amount before you can claim as your own money. Which is fair enough.

My general tournament strategy for a slot with a bonus game is to generally play at the lowest stakes and then increase my coin values betting when I think a bonus game is due a hit and hopefully win big in the bonus game. (Not a mathematical strategy but one that just adds to the fun of playing).

I started out at English Harbour and played a few hundred spins on all lines at 1 cent per coin. The bonus game seemed to hit every 25 or so spins. So whenever the game went 25 spins without activating the bonus games and then increased the coin bet to $1 on all 9 lines, so $9 per line.

Actually this type of strategy work better on a game like the Reel Deal for which there was a big tournament last month. In that slot game theres bigger potential to win big in the bonus game even though it appears less often.

In Mermaids Quest the bonus round is activated quite often but the bonus prizes are quite low, and in general today I was unlucky in picking some of the lowest values.

In the bonus game a mermaid swims under the sea and to a selection of treasure chests. You then choose one and win a bonus prize. The mermaid then swims down to another level and you do the same again and also for a third time before all your bonus prizes are added together.

Im my second playing session the bonus game didn't activate so often, maybe once eveery 50 - 75 spins. Anyway, impateince got the better of me and I decided to gamble on some high value spins but lost. Before that I did make 202nd by getting my balance from $500 up to $690. However you have to get in the top 100 to win a prize which is what I was going for.

I later had a quick go at SuperSlots. Unless the slot game is one of my favourites (like Reel Deal) I'll go all out on a SuperSlots tournie. I just max bet all lines from the off and see if I get off to a big winning start and go from there. Well I lost everything before even completeing the required minimum number of 20 spins.

Oh well, Im sure one day that strategy might work. :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Real Time Gaming Casinos and Slots

We intend to add reviews of Real Time Gaming software slots to Slots Jam over the coming weeks.
This is something we would have done previously but I had a couple of issues downloading any Real Time gaming casinos and then there were a few glitches in the software, so we have waited until all problems have been sorted and can now offer information on them to slotsjam users.

Of the 2 Real Time Gaming casinos we are to play at I choose Crystal Palace. Previously I had tried 49ner casino but I can't say I was a big fan of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam who features in there software and you are treated to him everytime you return to the main menu.

So I download Crystal Palace then first thing Im told is Ill need to download Flash Player 9 and to do so I need to go to ww.adobe.com
Well personally if I just want to play slots I just want to download a casino an not have to worry about going to some other site and downloading more software. I'm sure many other slot players will feel the same way, especially if there are new to the internet or online gambling. I've heard of adobe but many other people may not have.

Anyway I already have flash 9 installed so I continued.
First impression were that it seemed a well laid out casino. As I moused over the slot game names I was shown a decent size screenshot of the slot game so I could see instantly what it looked like. I did like this feature.

The casino immediately goes full screen and when I clicked the window key so I could view my desktop I could not move the screen, so therefore I could not view icons on my desktop, this was because whenever I clicked on the casino it would go back to full screen.

Also while in the casino menu it had no sound effects which was pretty boring. I like the casinos which build a casino atmosphere with various casino sounds. Just like you hear and the excitement builds going into a live casino.

Next straight to the slot games. The first one I tried was a one of there 3 reel slots called Bank On It. The first thing I didn’t like was that you have to put coins into the slot machine. I prefer online casinos that put my whole balance into play and all I have to do is click spin to get started. All there 3 reel slots had this feature. However if I like the slot games this is something I would tolerate.

Next I toggled the betting coin value, the screened flashed "loading" as the game changes the value. Now as with all other online casinos I have played I would expect this simple change to be instantaeuos.n In actual fact its like changing slot machine. For this particular slot game some of your lost bets are "banked" with an opportunity of winning them back if you hit 3 piggy symbols on the payline. However if you change betting value you "change slot machine" therefore lose your banked coins as you start again from the default value.

I then tried another basic slots game "Bonkers", this time when I clicked "back", the screen froze and I had to exit the casino.

When I re-opened the casino I thought I would try one of there "Real Series Slots" so I picked Derby Dollars. It seemed ok, the reel spinning sound was pretty rickety I didn't do many spins before swapping to try another slot, this time Diamond Dozen now this game I liked.

However I noticed that whenever I hit a winning combination it highlights each payline you won individually and during this time you can't just click spin. I think it slows down the pace of the game you have to wait for it to finish showing you. However I don't think this a Real Time Gaming issue as it was fine when I played at 49 ner casino.

What I did like about the Diamond Dozen game was that I won the free spins within my first few spins. The slot game came alive with music and diamonds and during the free spins mode I thought it was an interesting feature that I choose diamonds that then gave me a value which then multiplied my winnings.

However where do I click to see a paytable??? Is it the "help", I clicked that and great the casino has frozen again. That was it for me, enough of Crystal Palace.

So I though I would give 49ner casino a tryout. Even though I don’t really want to listen to Yosemite Sam between each game.

Wow this casinos software was alot smoother than Crystal Palace casino. I tried Derby Dollars and it worked fine. I then thought id try Diamond Dozen again, and the screen just showed a blank "connecting". I clicked "cancel" and the screen showed the slot game as downloading, most of the bar was filled. However it said 66% done and 26 minutes left. Do you know what, I think it meant it! I waited a few minutes and it still said 70% left.

This may have been a glitch in the software or it may well have been a problem my end with my p.c or connection. I wasn't sure, but I'd had enough for now so decided to leave it.

Later on I decided to have another quick go at 49 ner, this time I decided to try Tiger treasures. Mainly because I had spent the last couple of hours actually watching Planet Earth nature programmes. This game downloaded in a couple of minutes. I liked the game and the graphics

Conclusion so far is that the actual Real Time Gaming slots certainly look interesting and I'm sure some slots players would enjoy some of the games. What I don't like is any problems with the software or downloading of individual games. Only time will tell.

As far as each casino goes, well I'll not waste any more time with Crystal Palace. As for 49 ner, I'll try the games out there again and see how it goes. I'll most likely check out other Real Time Gaming casinos that have the full range of slots and also not something as annoying as Yosemite Sam, but hey maybe you'll love him.

Friday, December 8, 2006

3 New Microgaming Slots

I spent today completing reviews and screenshots of 3 new Microgaming slots. I played them all at Royal Vegas.

Flying Circus was pretty average alround but I think its the first Circus themed slot game I have seen so thats a good thing.

Dogfather was my favourite of the 3. I got 3 of the Itchy da Flea symbols on my very first spin! As well as free spins it also has a "Mark your Territory" bonus game which I thought was a great idea for a link between dogs and the Mafia.

There's so many Egyptian slot so Pharaohs Tomb was nothing new. Although it does have a good bonus game, even though I kept choosing the wrong Sarcophagus in tomb 2 or 3. It took me a while to get to tomb 4 and I was fortunate enough to pick the winning Sarcophagus and win a huge bonus payout.

I've put an image below of my journey through the bonus tombs.

Slots Jam a Top 100,000 website!

I checked Slots Jam Alexa ranking today and it showed we had finally broken into the top 100,000 sites. Thats amazing considering how many millions of websites there are and the fact that we are based soley on one casino game.

We rank 93,666th. I think there's plenty of room for improvement as theres alot more I would like to get added to the site and I really hope to get more people using our slots forum in 2007!

Monday, December 4, 2006

3 New Marvel Slots

I spent the day completing reviews for the 3 latest editions to the Marvel
range which are available to play for free or real money at Intercasino .

Its really quite interesting learning more about existing comic book characters and even discovering new ones, such as Ghost Rider and Iron Man. I then appreciate the slot game alot more as you realise how much work has gone into it and how the game symbols actually relate to the Marvel character.

I'd had seen Elekra in the DareDevil movie and also clips of her in the actual Elekra movie,both times played by the lovely Jennifer Garner. I didn't even know until now she was married to the DareDevil himself, Ben Affleck!

The 3 new marvel slots games are:
Ghost Rider
Iron Man

If you have any comments on them please post in the 3 New Marvel Slots Forum Thread

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazing New Horror Slots

I spent the whole day catching up on the latest new online slots, of which these ones were actually released at the beginning of the month at Intercasino.

Well these new Frightmare slots are absoluetly amazing. Anyone who likes horror movies will love these slots games. There's nothing else quiet like them.

They are similar in game play to the award winning Marvel Slots and also in common they have the randomly won progressive jackpots. I actually won one of those jackpots in free play mode and was treated to an ugly Zombie trying to get at me!

Zone of the Zombies was my favourite of the 3 and especially the shooting Zombie bonus game. You have to decide what order to shoot the Zombies before one of them lashes out to kill you.

Witches and Warlocks also had a great bonus game where you choose2 spells to go into battle against your opponent. Its kind of like a shot arcadde style fight game and the spells damaged your opponent and you can see by how much as its shown in a lifebar. You only get to spells and hopefully kill your opponent to get extra bonus prize.

Vampire Bats doesn't have a bonus game but the free spins feature was really good. Two of the reels changed to coffins with thelids opening a closing in a spooky way.

Will they add more to the Frightmare range in the future? I certainly hope so, I think theres room for maybe a Ghost/ Haunted House scary slot game. Maybe have a Ghostbusters type bonus game, that would be cool. :)

Anyone who has any comments on these slots please do so in the Frightmare Forum Thread.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Currently 51st in The $10,000 Reel Deal Slots Tournament

The Freeroll Reel Deals Slots Tournament has been running all this month at English Harbour so I thought it was about time I participated

This was the first time I had played the Reel Deal Slot Game so at the same time I did a review for Slots Jam . It turned out to be a really enjoyable slots game, mostly because of the bonus game which is based on the popular TV Show Deal or No Deal.

At the time of entering the tournament there were already well over 14,600 participants, which isn't surprising given a guaranteed prize fund of $10,000.

My strategy was to play as many spins at the lowest betting stakes, say 150 spins, and then increase the coin size as I felt it was more likely I would trigger the bonus round. For me the game was triggering approximately on average every 200 spins.

In the bonus game you choose your own briefcase. Then you open 6 more revealing there worth from 10 cents up to $1000. I was max betting all lines at 10 cents a line so $2.00 per spin

After opening the first 6 briefcases I had revealed only 1 high amount of $100 on the right side of the screen which had values ranging from $7.50 to $1000.

I was then offered $66.09 by the banker for my briefcase or the chance to open another 5 boxes.
The banker makes you a an offer based on the likelihood that the first briefcase I chose as my own contains a high value. If I felt my briefcase has the $1000 I would obviously keep going until I've open all briefcases and just left with my own one and keep that amount.

Based on the fact there were 6 higher amounts stillleft on the board I thought I would take the chance to reveal more boxes.

I run pretty good with the highest amount I revealed was $300. The banker was now offereing me $91.40.

That seemed a fairly good offer, there were still plenty of low priced boxes on the board so I carried on.

Next round I was then offered $105.29 or the chance to open 3 more boxes.
Values left on the board were:

I closed the deal for the $105.29 and it was then revealed my box held $50 so I did a good deal!

I carried on playing and when betting 25 cents per coin I won a total of over $858. In that bonus game I started out really bad picking a lot of high value boxes but I had decided from the offset to go all the way to end, however with, I think it was 3 boxes left and still the top prize of $2500 on the board and the next highest $75 I decided to do the deal as that prize alone of $858 would put me in a money winning position in the slots tournament.

I finished the session ranked 51st which is a placing within the prize money zone for $50. If my tournament ranking stays in the top 88 I will win the $50 so with only 2 days left of the tournament to run I have a good chance of maintaining that winning position.

Here's a screenshot of my ranking which is shown in the bottom left hand corner.

For anyone interested you can have 2 bites at this prize money by playing signing up as a real money player at either English Harbour or SuperSlots . You don't have to upload any money but I always upload some as common courtesy for them providing me with free slots tournaments as well as other freeroll tournament games.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jewel In the Crown

I played the freeroll slots tournament today called Jewel In the Crown at both English Harbour and SuperSlots. To participate you have to play the very girlie slot game Princess Jewels.

The tournament is free to enter and you get the chance to win real money and first prize pays $100, second prize $70, and third place get $30 in total the top 10 places receive a payout.

At the time of entering the English Harbour tournament there were 7592 participants. I managed to get to rank 31st by getting my starting balance of $400 up to $798. I won most of the money in the bonus wheel spinning game.
In total I only played for about 10 - 15 minutes. After a few spins of no or little wins I thought I may as well go for broke and started max betting at $10 coins on all 9 paylines, so at $90 a spin I soon bust out.

I then had a go at SuperSlots just to see if I could get lucky. I faired better this time around reaching 14th position by getting my balance from $400 up to over $1400 but I was still $500 off a top 10 place and the luck run out on the maximum bet spins.

The reason I was playing the game was primarily because it was new slots game and we needed a review for it on Slots Jam.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

2 New Slots Casinos Added to Slots Jam

Today we added 2 new slots casinos to Slots Jam. Both casinos are powered by the same software provider, Parlay Entertainment so alot of the games will be the same. Both will hopefully prove popular as they are currently accepting players from all U.S States.

First up is Winward, which as a casino name doesn't fill me with excitement. Anyway, they are currently offering a very good sign up bonus of with a 100% match bonus up to $1000, which is very nice.

The casino is interesting because you can choose to either play the casino games by downloading there software or by playing the no download flash casino games. I though I'd give the flash no download option a try as I haven't done that before and the way the site is set it it seems obvious this is what they want players to try out.

From the lobby I clicked on "Featured Slots" and up popped and loaded a 5 reel slot game called Trolling for Treasure. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was very impressed. I think because in the lobby the pictures of games look a little hazy, I was maybe expecting a lesser quality of no download game graphics. The graphics quality is as good as any download casino.

I then closed the game and tried the "Slots" section and that was a pretty standard real casino style slot standard slot machine.

It did seem to take a little longer to load some games. Also browsing through the lobby takes a little longer and this will vary depending upon your own connection speed.

As I had clicked on free play I was expecting to be able to play the whole range of free slots, but it appears I get to play just one standard slots game and one featured slots game. When I went to the lobby and choose another slots game from the slots lobby they all said I had insuffieincent funds.

Oh well, I would have been nice to try out a few more free slots. We will be reviewing each game they do offer in real money and adding to the site over the coming weeks.

They also offer wireless gaming for over 200 mobile devices. That all looks very interesting, playing slots on my mobile, very exciting and something that will surely grow in popularity over time, but for now I'lll leave that for another day.

Next up we have added Slots Village. I'll give that full trial tomorrow.

Monday, November 20, 2006

2 New Million Dollar Slot Jackpots

I recieved notification today that Microgaming 5 reel, 9 payline King Cashalot's jackpot has risen over $1 million dollars. At the time of writing it was $1,110,295.63. We have the record of the highest payout for this slot game being at $1,218,298.00, so you could argue this one could payout at any time. The jackpot is typically won at a rate of once a month and its now just over 3 months since it last paid out the progressive jackpot.

Anyone interested in trying there luck I recommend for beginners Platinum Play Casino . For players already used to playing online see at the base of the King Cashalot review page for which sign up offer most appeals as the casinos themselves are fairly similar. Of course we offer full reviews of each so you can make the best choice before signing up. This slot game is well worth playing as the fixed coin value is just 0.05 per coin. Also, Microgaming casinos accept U.S players from most states.

Upon checking the jackpot amount for KingCashalot via our Progressive Jackpots page which lists all the jackpot tickers, I noticed a Playtech software slots game has also joined the ranks of a million dollar slot in the last couple of days , and that is Gold Rally, which is a 9 reel, 8 payline slot game, which is something different.
Best place to play this $2 fixed coin value game is at City Club Casino. Although they unfortunately no longer accept U.S players.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

3 new online slots games.

I added new reviews today of 3 brand new online slot games which were released on November 1st at Intercasino the Cryptologic software powered online casino.

As has been the case with most of there latest new online slots they are all multi payline and one is a very different kind of slot game that you may either love or hate.

First up were 2, 5 reel, 25 payline slot games, Thai Sunrise and one for the lady slots player Thunder from Down Under which comes with a male stripper theme.

The third slots game is one based on an actual video game of the same name and its Cubis Slots, which is a similar thing that they did with a more well known video game in the Bejeweled Slots Game which is one I prefered as it at least appeared to have some sort of reels.

Could this Cubis slots be taking it a little to far and still calling it a slots game? I'd be interested in any players opinions on this. I set up a post in our forum, so feel free to post in the thread 3 New Intercasino Slots - Is 1 even a slots game???,, all these games can be played for free.

As you can see from the screenshots its not a slot game with reels. Anyway, check out the review and if it interests you have a go at playing it and give us some feedback.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodbye to RaceTrack Casino

We had the first casualty for a slotsjam promoted casino from the September 30th U.S online gambling bill today with the announcement that RaceTrack Casino has closed
with the reason given that most of its players were in the US. So with the gambling bill and Playtech being a stock market listed company they had decided to close all U.S players accounts and not accept U.S players for the time being. Any existing players have had there accounts moved to City Club Casino which is my preferred Playtech software casino anyway, although it is not currently accepting U.S players.

We are very choosy with the online casinos we choose to add to Slotsjam.com, however RaceTrack was a relatively new casino and considered a sister site to City Club where all the same slot games can be found so there's no real loss to any slots players other than maybe taking advantage of bonuses offered by each casino.

Welcome to the Slots Jam Blog

A big warm welcome to all vistors to the new Slots Jam blog. I thought this would be a good idea to keep any vistors interested in the latest updates to slotsjam.com as well as key and interesting going ons in the gambling and more specifically online slots world.


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