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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazing New Horror Slots

I spent the whole day catching up on the latest new online slots, of which these ones were actually released at the beginning of the month at Intercasino.

Well these new Frightmare slots are absoluetly amazing. Anyone who likes horror movies will love these slots games. There's nothing else quiet like them.

They are similar in game play to the award winning Marvel Slots and also in common they have the randomly won progressive jackpots. I actually won one of those jackpots in free play mode and was treated to an ugly Zombie trying to get at me!

Zone of the Zombies was my favourite of the 3 and especially the shooting Zombie bonus game. You have to decide what order to shoot the Zombies before one of them lashes out to kill you.

Witches and Warlocks also had a great bonus game where you choose2 spells to go into battle against your opponent. Its kind of like a shot arcadde style fight game and the spells damaged your opponent and you can see by how much as its shown in a lifebar. You only get to spells and hopefully kill your opponent to get extra bonus prize.

Vampire Bats doesn't have a bonus game but the free spins feature was really good. Two of the reels changed to coffins with thelids opening a closing in a spooky way.

Will they add more to the Frightmare range in the future? I certainly hope so, I think theres room for maybe a Ghost/ Haunted House scary slot game. Maybe have a Ghostbusters type bonus game, that would be cool. :)

Anyone who has any comments on these slots please do so in the Frightmare Forum Thread.

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