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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Festive Freeroll 3 - Wheel of Chance

Today I decided to play properly the 3rd Festive Freeroll from the Vegas Technology powered casino SuperSlots.

The 5 Reel Wheel of Chance Tournament has again proved very popular with well over 7000 players already registered.

Wheel of Chance is the type of slot game I love to play in a slots tournament. This is because it has the Wheel of Chance bonus game which gives you the chance to win big bonus payouts and possibly a ranking place amongst the tournament winners and a share of the prizes.

In my first session of playing the slot game the bonus game seemed to be activated within every 50 spins. So I would play max betting all lines at 1 cent and then increase my bets per line to 5 cents if I hadn't activated the bonus game within 50 spins.

I then carry on increasing the betting stakes every time 50 spins goes without activating the bonus game. I love playing the bonus game at the higher stakes as winning one of the bigger amounts can really boost your tournament ranking.

Of course the game is meant to be fun, so I didn't actually play that regimentally. Sometimes I increased the bets if I went a long spell with zero returns. Or sometimes I increase the bets if I seemed to be on a hot spell.

In my second session I continued the same orginal betting pattern. However this time did the bonus game activate? Nope. I went from a 178 ranking to with about $868 to bust. I didn't activate the bonus game once in over 250 spins. Oh well, its was a fun game.

I'll have another shot at the tournament later in the week at English Harbour.

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