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Monday, December 11, 2006

Real Time Gaming Casinos and Slots

We intend to add reviews of Real Time Gaming software slots to Slots Jam over the coming weeks.
This is something we would have done previously but I had a couple of issues downloading any Real Time gaming casinos and then there were a few glitches in the software, so we have waited until all problems have been sorted and can now offer information on them to slotsjam users.

Of the 2 Real Time Gaming casinos we are to play at I choose Crystal Palace. Previously I had tried 49ner casino but I can't say I was a big fan of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam who features in there software and you are treated to him everytime you return to the main menu.

So I download Crystal Palace then first thing Im told is Ill need to download Flash Player 9 and to do so I need to go to ww.adobe.com
Well personally if I just want to play slots I just want to download a casino an not have to worry about going to some other site and downloading more software. I'm sure many other slot players will feel the same way, especially if there are new to the internet or online gambling. I've heard of adobe but many other people may not have.

Anyway I already have flash 9 installed so I continued.
First impression were that it seemed a well laid out casino. As I moused over the slot game names I was shown a decent size screenshot of the slot game so I could see instantly what it looked like. I did like this feature.

The casino immediately goes full screen and when I clicked the window key so I could view my desktop I could not move the screen, so therefore I could not view icons on my desktop, this was because whenever I clicked on the casino it would go back to full screen.

Also while in the casino menu it had no sound effects which was pretty boring. I like the casinos which build a casino atmosphere with various casino sounds. Just like you hear and the excitement builds going into a live casino.

Next straight to the slot games. The first one I tried was a one of there 3 reel slots called Bank On It. The first thing I didn’t like was that you have to put coins into the slot machine. I prefer online casinos that put my whole balance into play and all I have to do is click spin to get started. All there 3 reel slots had this feature. However if I like the slot games this is something I would tolerate.

Next I toggled the betting coin value, the screened flashed "loading" as the game changes the value. Now as with all other online casinos I have played I would expect this simple change to be instantaeuos.n In actual fact its like changing slot machine. For this particular slot game some of your lost bets are "banked" with an opportunity of winning them back if you hit 3 piggy symbols on the payline. However if you change betting value you "change slot machine" therefore lose your banked coins as you start again from the default value.

I then tried another basic slots game "Bonkers", this time when I clicked "back", the screen froze and I had to exit the casino.

When I re-opened the casino I thought I would try one of there "Real Series Slots" so I picked Derby Dollars. It seemed ok, the reel spinning sound was pretty rickety I didn't do many spins before swapping to try another slot, this time Diamond Dozen now this game I liked.

However I noticed that whenever I hit a winning combination it highlights each payline you won individually and during this time you can't just click spin. I think it slows down the pace of the game you have to wait for it to finish showing you. However I don't think this a Real Time Gaming issue as it was fine when I played at 49 ner casino.

What I did like about the Diamond Dozen game was that I won the free spins within my first few spins. The slot game came alive with music and diamonds and during the free spins mode I thought it was an interesting feature that I choose diamonds that then gave me a value which then multiplied my winnings.

However where do I click to see a paytable??? Is it the "help", I clicked that and great the casino has frozen again. That was it for me, enough of Crystal Palace.

So I though I would give 49ner casino a tryout. Even though I don’t really want to listen to Yosemite Sam between each game.

Wow this casinos software was alot smoother than Crystal Palace casino. I tried Derby Dollars and it worked fine. I then thought id try Diamond Dozen again, and the screen just showed a blank "connecting". I clicked "cancel" and the screen showed the slot game as downloading, most of the bar was filled. However it said 66% done and 26 minutes left. Do you know what, I think it meant it! I waited a few minutes and it still said 70% left.

This may have been a glitch in the software or it may well have been a problem my end with my p.c or connection. I wasn't sure, but I'd had enough for now so decided to leave it.

Later on I decided to have another quick go at 49 ner, this time I decided to try Tiger treasures. Mainly because I had spent the last couple of hours actually watching Planet Earth nature programmes. This game downloaded in a couple of minutes. I liked the game and the graphics

Conclusion so far is that the actual Real Time Gaming slots certainly look interesting and I'm sure some slots players would enjoy some of the games. What I don't like is any problems with the software or downloading of individual games. Only time will tell.

As far as each casino goes, well I'll not waste any more time with Crystal Palace. As for 49 ner, I'll try the games out there again and see how it goes. I'll most likely check out other Real Time Gaming casinos that have the full range of slots and also not something as annoying as Yosemite Sam, but hey maybe you'll love him.

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