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Thursday, December 14, 2006

RTG Casinos

I spent a few hours today looking for some good Real Time Gaming casinos.

As you may know there software is used by many online casinos and offers a whole range of great slot games, which most importantly can be played by U.S players.

We are currently reviewing RTG slots and will no doubt be in full swing with them and adding them to the site early in the New Year. We will be using 49er casino but just incase old Yosemite Sam doesn't appeal to everybody I think its worth hunting out another reliable and trusted RTG casino.

I personally don't have too much experience with RTG casinos so I start my search by asking in a couple forums for advice and reading up on any comments about the casino.
I have also started a thread in our forum "have you played a RTG slot game" and while I was at it in another thread asksed people opinions of Yosemite Sam.
Its not just a matter of downloading the casinos and just adding them based on looks and game selection, although they are factors.

Its also important that the casino is considered reliable and helpful, not only to us as webmasters but most importantly the support offered to any players who play there. Here at slots jam if any player has a problem with any casino we link to we want to be able to help them out as quickly as possible if we can. We can do that by acting as a go between and if we know we can get fast response to any quieries thats great. Thankfully we haven't had any problems as we have always chosen well who we work with.

First one that was recommended was Atlantic Lounge, I downloaded this. The games set up is pretty similar to 49er. The casino menu is the complete opposite. Instead of the noisy Yosemite Sam its a dead silent lounge.

I then tried Sci Fi casino which is one I've seen around but not tried. Its bascially very similar in most ways to Atlantic Lounge except that the menu is that of a Space Alien casino/ bar. A casino you might expect to see in a Star Wars movie.

Apparantly its "one of the only woman owned online casino and , they have an impeccable record of fairness and have the most responsive customer service department in the industry". All sounds very good.

Once your into the games at these 3 casinos they are all the same. Its just the menus which are different. As far as those menus go you couldn't get 3 more different themes. Not sure I'm overly keen on a pretty dull Atlantic Lounge.

I'll look into more RTG casinos in the near future. If anyone has any comments on any RTG casinos I'd love to hear them.

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