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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Thailand slot game - Lady of the Orient

I always find it interesting to play a slots game that I can relate to, be it based on a theme of something I'm particularly interested in or in this case an actual place I have visited. Especially if the slot game software provider has gone to good efforts to represent as well as possible the theme its based on.

Today I was playing and at the same time reviewing Lady of the Orient which to me was clearly a slot game based on Thailand, a beautiful country I have been fortunate enough to visit for no less than 3 weeks on my honeymoon!

The Lady of the Orient the name of the slot game and one of the key video slot symbols in the game was clearly meant to be of Thai origin because I recognised the traditional Thai woman's head dress.

The Elephant, another symbol in the game is actually the national symbol of Thailand.

Other symbols were the style of the palace is also a give away so is the thinner (but not quite Indian style) gold Buddha symbol (Chinese Buddha's are the Fatter ones).

Another bit of trivia for you is that Thailand used to be called Siam (hence where Siamese Fighting Fish were first found) (by pure coincidence I have one of those as well). Well the reason is that it was called Siam was because when Thailand was first discovered by the Portuguese they had a Chinese cook on board upon discovering this land with people who to the Portuguese looked similar to Chinese, they asked their Chinese cook to come and translate. He said he couldn't so they asked him the name of these new people they had found and he said Siam (which he pronounced Same).

That sound / word in Chinese actually meant black and from a Chinese stance was an insult. So we along with the rest of Europe went on to call that country Siam until they later changed the name to Thailand.

The fact I had also been there also helped me recognise the music during the free spins was also traditional Thai music. The traditional Thai music on the free spins was played in the entrance hall live pretty much all the time at a hotel we stayed in
in Bangkok by just one young lady.

Another interesting and slightly related fact is that Buddhist's are the only major religious group to have never started a war, maybe we should all convert ;o)


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