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Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Reel Deal Slots tournament

My favourite slots tournament is back up and running this week with the Reel Deal slots game, this week and will be doing so until February 1st 2007.

This time it's back in the form of "4th Big Free's Freeroll Slots Tournament of the year", yes the prize fund is bigger than ever, (I wonder how long they will be able to keep this up? :) )

At the time of writing there's 18,839 participants, and I hope a fair few of them have come through from slots jam as we certainly let our vistors know of this free way to play online slots and win real money.
Even if you just win the bonus money as I myself have done on this very slot game its still giving you a free shot at possibly winning a bigger amounts on a single spi on slot games that pay out thousands.

The prize fund is currently over $3175.00 and there's $10,000 of bonus prize money to be won as well.

Anyway, I think the increasing prize fund and increased number of players playing is a great sign of how the online slots tournament format is increasing in popularity. I just wish more online casinos offered them, hopefully they will in time.

Well, I've just finished my session at English Harbour and just bust out after 258 spins, didn't even get to play my favourite bonus game :(

Oh well, I'll have a little go with real money, surely I'm due to activate it soon, he says, :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cleopatra's Pyramid Slot and Bonus Game

Today I completed a full review of Cleopatra's Pyramid which is a game available at SuperSlots and English Harbour casinos.

I have played the game previously in early December in the free to enter Cleopatra slots tournament.

As with most specifically themed slots I looked up a little info to see what might have been incorporated into the game and just to learn a little about the given theme rather than just commenting on the basics of the slot game. After all its the themes that help us choose what slot games to play and contribute to the enjoyment of the game.

So what did I learn? Well she was Greek, as I thought, but she did rule Egypt, which is something I didn't know.

Actually the most interesting bits of her life story are not incorporated into the game. She was known as the great seductress for her conquests of Mark Anthony a Roman General and Julius Caesar no less!

Actually Mark Antony committed suicide, having been told Cleopatra was dead. Cleopatra then died by sucide a few days later. I think she put a poisionous snake in a basket of fruit so that when she would choose to eat a fruit she would not know if this would be the time she was bitten and therefore not know exactly when she would die. Maybe this is where Shakespear got his Romeo and Juliet idea from :)

Well, in the slot game we don't see Mark Anthony or Julius Caesar. However we do see a snake in the bonus game:

As you can see I just didn't have much luck in this bonus game when it came to capturing the image. I couldn't even get above the second row. Although there's loads of other features in this slot game to have kept me amused for quite some time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Worlds Biggest Slot Machine

Youtube is a recent phenomena in the internet world. I'm not sure when it was created but it has certainly risen to dizzy heights in the space of the last year.

I thought I'd look and see if there was anything interesting relating to slot machines. I wasn't expecting much because most casinos won't allow you to take video footage inside there premises.

However I did find video of the largest slot machine ever!! Take a look at this!

Someone commented it was in Paris, although I don't know exactly where or how reliable this information is.

There were a few other videos, mainly of people playing there own slot machines at home.

This slot machine is in Bally's Las Vegas. Is it the same type? Looks smaller to me but could be the way its filmed.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

NeTeller News and New Blog Template

NeTeller and U.S Players.
U.S player have been dealt an online gambling blow with the news that NeTeller will not be transfering U.S players funds to online casino sites.

This is a big blow because many online casinos rely on NeTeller for the transfer of funds. However there are still several other smaller funds transfer companies such as Click2Pay, InstaDebit and eCheck. Although its possible that InstaDebit and eCheck may also have stopped U.S players. As far as I know Click2Pay is ok.

This is something that we need to look into at some point and provide information on each to our vistors at slotsjam.

At some point if all avenues do become closed to U.S players then maybe some of them can start some action for there right to do what they want with there money and leisure time.

New Blog Template Design
Finally got around to changing the template of the slots jam blog to the same colour theme as the rest of the site.
At least people will know for sure there within the slotsjam site when reading it. Not sure if Im 100% happy with it, needs a couple of tweaks here and there.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slots Jam building recognition

Last week was a very good week for Slots Jam in terms of being recognised by key Gambling Industry Bodies.

Firstly slotsjam.com been recognised as a Reputable Gaming Portal by Top Casino Watchdog site eCogra. If you have not heard of them here is what they stand for, (as quoted from there website):
"eCOGRA, a non-profit organization, is the independent standards authority of the online gaming industry, specifically overseeing fair gaming, player protection and responsible operator conduct."

They were actually voted 2005 Top Casino watchdog site by Gambling Online Magazine. Results for 2006 have not been announced.

There "Play It Safe Seal" is awarded to casino operators who comply to there strict standards. You can read more information on our eCogra approved page.

eCOGRA seal of approval You will also see there seal on any of our own casino review pages that they have actually given the seal of approval to.

We at slotsjam are all for recognising the casinos with the highest standards and we can do this via the help of Watchdog sites like eCOGra.

GPWA approve site
In the same week we also became a GPWA approve site. GPWA stands for "Gambling Portal Webmasters Association". The GPWA is a place where webmasters can converse and share information about the many gambling sites. Its a great way of working out the best and most reliable casinos for players to play at. Its also full of expert information which we also use to pass on to vistors of slots jam.

Friday, January 12, 2007

1000 unique hits in a day

A fair bit has been going on this last week that I've been meaning to Blog about but just haven't had time! TUT TUT I know. Even now I'm hard pushed and will certainly fill you in over the next 24 - 48 hours.

Well todays news is of a new milestone. slotsjam.com managed to get no less than 1000 unique visitors in a single day, actually it was a 1009. That's a huge number, especially for an online slots site.

I'm glad all our hard work over the last year is paying off and people, especially slots players are finding useful information on our site. People are even recommending some of our slots reviews or theme overviews in other forums. :) Its certainly very pleasing to see others recommending the content on your own site!

This past week our own slots forum has been a little more active, no doubt helped by our recent promotion. I just hope this continues as I would love to spend a larger portion of my day directly conversing as well as helping other online players via the forum.

We are doing well. I think there's still plenty of room for improvement. The difficult thing is not enough hours in the day and new ideas coming all the time.

We have arranged for a number of current pages to be translated into foreign languages and some of those are coming through and just need to be linked within the site, which is a more time consuming task than it sounds.

Anyway back to work! :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A New Year - Where We At and Where We Going?

Well it's good to be back after the Christmas and New Year break.

Where We At
I thought it would be a good idea to put down what Slots Jam had achieved in its first year. We actually only went live with the site in April 2006, although had worked on it for a few weeks beforehand.

The site is now one of the best alround online slots websites. It's also ranking very highly in the key search engines. Our unique slot reviews and honest opinions in our casino reviews , both seem to be favoured as more vistors keep coming back.

No doubt slot players enjoy very much our free slots section. We also keep players fully up to date with the latest new slots and slots tournaments.

At the time of writing we have an Alexa ranking of 71,840. This makes us the 2nd highest ranking online slots website I know of. The only one I know which is above us is freeslots.com which has a ranking of 22,052. It's a totally different site with very little actual content but some very good free slots, so obviously gets alot of vistors.

It wasn't all plain sailing in 2006. A huge blow was dealt at the end of September when the U.S government controversially and very sneakily put through a bill to ban online gambling. Thankfully most U.S players can still currently play online even if not at every casino.

Where We Going
Well we aim to be simply the number one online slots website by sometime in 2007.

Ideally we would love to build a slots community via our forum. A place where players can share there stories and thoughts on the many different aspects of slot games. Our forum is currently rich in information provided by ourselves but has few active posters. I'd love to see players posting there comments on the latest slots games etc.

To aid our slots community building we are starting the year by offering a free $100 prize . Only slotsjam club members who make at least 10 posts by January 31st will qualify.

We still have plenty more slot reviews to add. We still need to review all the Real Time Gaming slots which can be found at 49 er casino. Plus there's the Parlay Entertainment Slots which I'll be reviewing at Winward Casino and Slots Village.

We certainly intend to add more free slots to the site as well as keeping the rest of the site as up to date as possible.

What effect will the U.S gambling bill have in 2007? I have no idea. U.S slots players deserve the right to play online slots and I hope that is not affected further.


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