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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cleopatra's Pyramid Slot and Bonus Game

Today I completed a full review of Cleopatra's Pyramid which is a game available at SuperSlots and English Harbour casinos.

I have played the game previously in early December in the free to enter Cleopatra slots tournament.

As with most specifically themed slots I looked up a little info to see what might have been incorporated into the game and just to learn a little about the given theme rather than just commenting on the basics of the slot game. After all its the themes that help us choose what slot games to play and contribute to the enjoyment of the game.

So what did I learn? Well she was Greek, as I thought, but she did rule Egypt, which is something I didn't know.

Actually the most interesting bits of her life story are not incorporated into the game. She was known as the great seductress for her conquests of Mark Anthony a Roman General and Julius Caesar no less!

Actually Mark Antony committed suicide, having been told Cleopatra was dead. Cleopatra then died by sucide a few days later. I think she put a poisionous snake in a basket of fruit so that when she would choose to eat a fruit she would not know if this would be the time she was bitten and therefore not know exactly when she would die. Maybe this is where Shakespear got his Romeo and Juliet idea from :)

Well, in the slot game we don't see Mark Anthony or Julius Caesar. However we do see a snake in the bonus game:

As you can see I just didn't have much luck in this bonus game when it came to capturing the image. I couldn't even get above the second row. Although there's loads of other features in this slot game to have kept me amused for quite some time.

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