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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Focus on Mobile Slots Games

I have wanted to create a section of Slots Jam about mobile slots for some time now, and one day I will get round to actually doing it. In the mean time I want to quickly let you all know about a great mobile slots tournament which will be running during March.

Full details of this great mobile tournament can be found in our slots forum.

I would like to just take a moment at this point to say Thank you to Hilary and Hannah, for their fast responses to my questions and for helping me to understand exactly how mobile slots work. Once again demonstrating the exceptionally high levels of customer support offered at Slotland.

I also want to show a couple of really cool banners, I found. They are more like instruction manuals for mobile phone users than banners but I think you will agree they are a great idea and rather cool.

First up the Motorola RAZR (V3) how cool is that?

Motorola RAZR Mobile Slots Demo

Next the Nokia N70

Nokia N70 Mobile Slots Demo

Those images above will give anyone who uses either a Nokia or A Motorola mobile phone a pretty good idea of how to play mobile slots.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hot Pepper Casino Reviewed and added to Slots Jam

Hot Pepper Casino Hot Pepper casino was first brought to my attention in our slots forum in a thread about Slots Tournaments at Hot Pepper Casino. At the time I promised to review it, and we have now finished and I am pleased to say Hot Pepper Casino has made the grade and we have added it to our list of Approved Vegas Technology Casinos.

It turns out that as well as holding regular Freeroll Slots Tournaments, this casino also offers a range of slots games include a couple of rare 7 reel slots games.

The really impressive part of this casino is the way they look after the players. The welcome bonus is a pretty normal 100% match bonus up to $100 but once your a member thats where you really start to benefit. Things like giving every player comps on every purchase, plus a birthday bonus for purchasing players. Then once your cumulative deposits are $500 or more you will automatically become a member of the Pepper Lounge, once a member you will get so many more benfits.

In addition to all of this at the moment Hot Pepper casino are entering all members who deposit between 1st January 2007 and 31st March 2007 into a prize draw to win a trip for 2 people to Las Vegas. They will be giving away 3 trips so 3 lucky couples or pairs of people will be jetting off for a fabulous trip!

Click here to read our Full Review of Hot Pepper Casino.

Click here to Visit Hot Pepper Casino now.

Saturday Night playing Slots in a UK Casino

The photo above was taken in Gala Casino in Northampton last night, whilst having a few spins on a multi line slots machine.

As you can see below the slot machines are very popular in this UK casino and I was also proving popular with the ladies.

Ok so I admit it, one is my wife and the other is the wife of the guy who took the photo. Still as you can see we did have alot of fun. There are two Gala Casinos in Northampton and this one is only quite small but it has a real nice feel to it. I didn't actually count but I estimate there were between 35 and 40 slot machines and they seemed to be about 80 to 90% of them in use at any given point during the night so as the picture above shows they were very popular.

Interestingly they had a bit of a naughty twist, in that you could not transfer credits back into your bank, so you would always end up with a figure between 10 and 90 pence which you just could not pull out. To make matters worse the multi payline slots (which were the only type we played that night), would not let you bet anything other than the maximum number of paylines, which is all very well and good but when its one credit per payline on a 10 payline machine and you have 4 credits left (All worth 10 pence each) and the machine wont let you put anything other than pound coins or notes in there was no way we could see to spend that last 40 pence.

This I found very very annoying, and I am pleased to report is NOT a problem you would ever have playing at an online casino. Although England and the UK are world famous for playing Fruit Machines which can be found in almost every Pub (thats like a bar for my US readers), it is interesting to note that the casino did not have any fruit machines at all. It also did not have any classic slots or one armed bandits, it did however have a good selection of Video Slots, multi payline slots and bonus slots games. Other games in the casino included roulette and Blackjack (also very popular) Casino brag (which did not appear very popular at all) a type of casino poker like caribbean stud poker against the house with a progressive jackpot. The wheel of chance and of course Texas Hold em poker which interestingly was only available 4 nights of the week (even though the casino has its own poker lounge). There was also one or two video poker machines which also got a fair amount of use, but sadly there was no Craps, which I must admit to being a little dissappointed about as I wanted to have a go at that, as I have always avoided it in the past and I actually made an effort to learn the rules before going to the casino this time.

The bar in this little casino was also very cool, and I mean ICE cold, it was covered in ice, which was my friends favourite thing about the whole place. It was a very friendly casino with a great atmosphere and the staff were brilliant. This casino is the ideal place for any beginner to go, they have people on hand to help you learn the games and even have an area where the staff all wear T Shirts saying something along the lines of 'Play and Party' where they will teach you to play any of the games for free!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

First French and Spanish translated pages on Slots Jam

Today I finished getting the first of our translated pages added to the site. You can now view our playtech slots review pages in french or spanish. Both Tropez Casino and Casino Del Rio have spanish and french versions of thier websites and even the software has been translated.

Some interesting Spanish Facts.
Spanish FlagThe Local Name is España and the Local Formal Name is Reino de España. Spain is part of the EU and is also a UN member state. The local currency is Euro's. You should be able to see the national flag of Spain to the left.

So check out our Reseña del Casino Tropez (thats Tropez Casino review to us) or our Reseña de Casino del Río (Casino Del Rio Review).

The local languages are Spanish, Basque, Galician, Catalan, in Spanish you would say español and if you where french you would say espagnol. Which leads me onto French.

Some Interesting French Facts.
French FlagFrance also has the more formal local name République Française (meaning French Republic). France is also a UN member state and a major player in the EU. The local currency is Euro's. You should be able to see the national flag of France to the left.
So if you want to see our Tropez or Casino Del Rio Reviews in Frech that would be Revue de Tropez and Revue du casino Del Rio.
The local language is French known in French as Français and in Spanish as Francés.
And that concludes out geography lesson for the day, more languages are coming soon and more pages will be translated too so watch this space. Slots Jam is really going global!

Monday, February 19, 2007

New RiverBelle Bonus Wheel Promotion.

This is a novel idea and it has just been released today at Riverbelle Casino.
Basically if you are not already a member of the RiverBelle Casino then you should visit their special Bonus Wheel page to try your luck.
You will be given 3 free spins of the wheel and can claim your prize at any time (so if you happen to get $200 Free on the first spin claim it straight away!).
The wheel has 8 possible outcomes per spin you could either win an amount ($200, $150, $100 or $50) or you could lose your winnings, or you could win another free spin.
RiverBelle Casino is one of the oldest Microgaming powered casinos and is very well respected through out the industry with an excellent reputation for looking after its players well. It will then come as no suprise that RiverBelle Casino is ECOGRA approved and although it does accept US players (with a 100% match bonus on first deposit of buy $55 get $55 Free), this casino is really best geared up for UK Players.
For UK Players Riverbelle UK offers a 100% match bonus of £75 each and every month, thats £900 in free cash every year! Plus they still have their 20 Free Minute Thunderstruck offer going for UK players, which I believe can be taken in addition to the £75 monthly match bonus which is great!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We have a winner!

If you are a member of our slots club you will receive our monthly newsletter and will already know that we have a winner for our first ever slots forum competition. Our winner was Slotty a relatively new member to our club and already one of our biggest forum posters.

I was very pleased that such a nice person won, finding out they had won Slotty's response was, 'well thanks much I appreciate it, as I appreciate this site. It's a keeper! ' Which I personally found very flattering and I hope many other people agree.

Although the number of members of our still pretty new online slots forum grew very quickly in January, we did not have as many new posters as I would have hoped for. This leads me to think there was some kind of flaw in our promotion, there was a discussion in the forum at the half way point of our competition and I would love some more opinions and ideas of how I could entice more slots players to post.

Before we started the Slots Jam website, we did a lot of research and could not find one single forum community that was dedicated to slots games. Sure I could find 'online slots sites' that had forums, but they did not simply stick to slots, their forum threads seemed to be full of poker and blackjack players. In one forum I saw a newcomer ask a fairly straight forward question about slots strategy only to get flamed, by blackjack players. I am pleased to say the webmaster of that forum did intervene, but from what I could see the damage was done. It was at that point that it became very clear in my head that the forum on the new site we were working on (which at that time had not even been named) , would not have any sections for other casino games, and would be a safe haven for slots players and that must include new comers. I wanted (and still want) everyone to feel free to ask any questions they may have.

I also wanted to ensure the forum was a flame free forum and for that reason made the very first rule of the forum to Be Nice - If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I also wanted to ensure the forum was spam free and as well as actively moderating the forum we have also installed a number of anti spam mods.

On the two forum points above I personally feel at the moment both of those aims are being achieved. Where I feel we are underperforming is our lack of activity. Although we currently have 401 active users (and growing fast) we currently only have 31 members who have made a post, and two of these members are us (that’s me Andy, and the forum moderator SlotsVIP who also posts in this blog).
I do hope I haven’t bored you all with today’s post, Well done to Slotty and everyone please do post any suggestions you have for how I could make our slots forum more tempting for you to post in.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Under the Magic Spell!

Today I got around to having a good playing session on one of the newest Microgaming Slots,

It's a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a Harry Potter Magic School type theme. In normal play, if you were max betting you could win up to 100,000 coin jackpot. That's always exciting knowing this spin could be the one that changes your life! (Or at least buys you a good long holiday :) )

Although what I enjoyed most about this game was the 2 part bonus game.

Firstly you you are shown the word MAGIC, from which you have to pick a letter. Under 2 of the letters is a prize payout, which for once you actually don't want to get!

What you want is one of the 3 keys, which are in effect the key to the Secret Library Bonus Game (screenshot on the left).

In this bonus game you are given a possible 5 rounds to win more bonus prizes and in some of the rounds you can win all the prizes combined! It can really make for some huge winnings.

It's also a fun bonus game and very well laid out with superb graphics and animation.
A little librarian squirrel climbs a bookshelf ladder, waves his magic wand and 5 books are magically transported to a desk in front of you. You then have to choose a book to see what it contains.

After the first two rounds one of the books holds a spell malfunction, which if you get that means the end of the bonus game and no prize for that round.

A truly magical slots game, very enjoyable!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Andy says, 'Today there was snow in England so I made a snowman!'

If anyone out there was unsure as to where I reside, its in England and I have proof. Today we had snow so I built a snow man ( I say I, it was actually me and my wife who built it). As you can see he stands well over 6 and a half feet tall and has a plant pot for a nose, brass door handles for buttons and a really rather fetching black hat!
I confess I added the ears, I thought its just not fair snowmen never seem to get ears, so my wife (Lara) decided he needed feet too. We are calling this snowman Charlie (I dont know why, thats just what Lara said he's called).
The sea of snow you see behind me and Charlie are normally deep green fields (due to all the rain here in England). So it made a nice change to see everything white this morning.
Don't worry I have been working hard though and even with a 'snowman break' we will still have a couple of reviews of the latest slots games online shortly.
Where ever you are in the world today why not make time for just a little bit of fun :o)

Slots VIP says, 'Work or build a snowman?'

These days it doesn't snow very often in England and when it does its usually just a little.
The last 4 months have been the warmest for the time of year for decades and it certainly has highlighted the issues of global warming.

So we certainly were expecting LOADS OF SNOW. The proper good perfect soft snow that makes great snowballs and of course great snowmen.

Working at home it was a difficult choice, work, or eh,,,,snowball fights with the neighbours and building big snowman with family. The results are in the picture!
Ok, yes, most people do use a carrot for the nose and we have used it instead for the eyes and mouth. Not my doing, but hey certainly was alround fun.
If its similar weather where you are and your also in the mood for playing slots be sure to check out our winter slots range. :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Love Slots

This time next week will be Valentines Day so I've put together some of the Love Slot Games that I could find. I knew there were some out there but I was actually surprised how many were directly had a love, valentines or strong romance theme.

Some of them included great bonus games including slotsjam Best New Online Slot Game 2006 - Cashanova which apart from all the other great features has bonus game characters Roger the Rooster trying to impress his love interest Henrietta by choosing her the best gift!

One perfectly named slot game for Valentines day was Secret Admirer and then there was Love Bugs which also has its own bonus game where you have to choose the ring box with diamond ring to triple your winnings. As you can see in the screenshot I picked the gold necklace which wasn't so bad because that awarded 15 free spins.

Love and Doctors seemed to also be popular with 2 different casino softwares sharing the same game of Doctor Love and another one had Dr Lovemore .

All in all some great slot games.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Slots Machines Coming to England!!!

It was announced last week that Manchester the rank outsider at I think 16/1 won the race for Britains first Super Casino.

The Super Casino will have 1,250 unlimited jackpot slot machines. 16 other licenses were or will be granted for a range of small to large casinos which will also be holding 80 - 150 slot machines. These slot machines will have limited jackpots up to £4000.

Slot Machines is a rarely heard term here in the UK. Although Fruit Machines, which do vary, are very common in most local pubs and also very popular.

With all these new casinos opening up in the UK more a more people will be introduced to the most well known types of slot machines. Hopefully they will enjoy the live casino slot machines so much so that they will then want to try out the online slot machines in the comfort of there own homes, and hopefully finding our site in the process.

There is some worry over Britain becoming a gambling nation. Most of the worry is to do with people becoming addicted, however the government and Manchester in particular are keen to address this issue, that was one of the key reasons they are thought to have won.

It was also interesting to hear how the Super Casino will hopefully help in the regeneration of one of Englands largest cities. One sector of the community against casinos, is the muslim community. However, Islam also forbids poverty and this casino will provide alot of jobs and certainly reduce poverty in the area for some people.

Orginally the British government wanted 8 of these Super Casinos, but to get the gambing bill through they only planned for one, mainly because of there fears of gambling addiction.

When something is enjoyable it is always likely some people will be at risk of becoming addicted. However the vast majority of people will not become addicted, so why should they miss out on enjoyment. At the same time I certainly agree as much as possible should be done to help people with any kind of gambling addiction.

I would be all for more Super Casinos, I,m sure it will be a huge success.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Meetings and Photos from Gambling London last week.

I've just added 2 new photos of myself with people I met at the recent gambling events held last week in our very own London.

I met up with Michael Corfman (that's the owner & Executive Director of the GPWA) first at ICE at Earls Court in London on 25th January 2007 and also met up with his son Steven, this was the second time I had met them, I previously met both of them at CAC 2006 in September 2006 in Las Vegas.

As well as being prominent figures in the industry they are both really nice people and Steven (who goes by the user name CityGuard on the GPWA forum) has been a great help to us in advising how best to run and promote our own slots forum. I then met up with Michael again the next day, this time in Olympia (also in London) and this is where the photo was taken of me and Michael at the GPWA stand. I'm the one on the left. Must have been a fellow GPWA founder who took the picture as they certainly wanted the GPWA sign in the picture!

I also met again the founder of APCW (The Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters ) Anyone who watched Perspectives WEEKLY will have an idea what a charactter J Todd is, and I have had the pleasure of meeting him on three seperate occasions now twice at CAC in Vegas and also at CAP Euro in London (which is where this Photo was taken). J Todd really is larger than life and even though he was clearly tired (probably from Jet Lag and maybe a little bit too much partying the night before) he was still very much a quick witted and fun person to chat with. Again you can see a photo on the APCW page.

There was so much going on in London last week and I got lots of good ideas for slotsjam and its members.


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