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Friday, February 2, 2007

Meetings and Photos from Gambling London last week.

I've just added 2 new photos of myself with people I met at the recent gambling events held last week in our very own London.

I met up with Michael Corfman (that's the owner & Executive Director of the GPWA) first at ICE at Earls Court in London on 25th January 2007 and also met up with his son Steven, this was the second time I had met them, I previously met both of them at CAC 2006 in September 2006 in Las Vegas.

As well as being prominent figures in the industry they are both really nice people and Steven (who goes by the user name CityGuard on the GPWA forum) has been a great help to us in advising how best to run and promote our own slots forum. I then met up with Michael again the next day, this time in Olympia (also in London) and this is where the photo was taken of me and Michael at the GPWA stand. I'm the one on the left. Must have been a fellow GPWA founder who took the picture as they certainly wanted the GPWA sign in the picture!

I also met again the founder of APCW (The Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters ) Anyone who watched Perspectives WEEKLY will have an idea what a charactter J Todd is, and I have had the pleasure of meeting him on three seperate occasions now twice at CAC in Vegas and also at CAP Euro in London (which is where this Photo was taken). J Todd really is larger than life and even though he was clearly tired (probably from Jet Lag and maybe a little bit too much partying the night before) he was still very much a quick witted and fun person to chat with. Again you can see a photo on the APCW page.

There was so much going on in London last week and I got lots of good ideas for slotsjam and its members.

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