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Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturday Night playing Slots in a UK Casino

The photo above was taken in Gala Casino in Northampton last night, whilst having a few spins on a multi line slots machine.

As you can see below the slot machines are very popular in this UK casino and I was also proving popular with the ladies.

Ok so I admit it, one is my wife and the other is the wife of the guy who took the photo. Still as you can see we did have alot of fun. There are two Gala Casinos in Northampton and this one is only quite small but it has a real nice feel to it. I didn't actually count but I estimate there were between 35 and 40 slot machines and they seemed to be about 80 to 90% of them in use at any given point during the night so as the picture above shows they were very popular.

Interestingly they had a bit of a naughty twist, in that you could not transfer credits back into your bank, so you would always end up with a figure between 10 and 90 pence which you just could not pull out. To make matters worse the multi payline slots (which were the only type we played that night), would not let you bet anything other than the maximum number of paylines, which is all very well and good but when its one credit per payline on a 10 payline machine and you have 4 credits left (All worth 10 pence each) and the machine wont let you put anything other than pound coins or notes in there was no way we could see to spend that last 40 pence.

This I found very very annoying, and I am pleased to report is NOT a problem you would ever have playing at an online casino. Although England and the UK are world famous for playing Fruit Machines which can be found in almost every Pub (thats like a bar for my US readers), it is interesting to note that the casino did not have any fruit machines at all. It also did not have any classic slots or one armed bandits, it did however have a good selection of Video Slots, multi payline slots and bonus slots games. Other games in the casino included roulette and Blackjack (also very popular) Casino brag (which did not appear very popular at all) a type of casino poker like caribbean stud poker against the house with a progressive jackpot. The wheel of chance and of course Texas Hold em poker which interestingly was only available 4 nights of the week (even though the casino has its own poker lounge). There was also one or two video poker machines which also got a fair amount of use, but sadly there was no Craps, which I must admit to being a little dissappointed about as I wanted to have a go at that, as I have always avoided it in the past and I actually made an effort to learn the rules before going to the casino this time.

The bar in this little casino was also very cool, and I mean ICE cold, it was covered in ice, which was my friends favourite thing about the whole place. It was a very friendly casino with a great atmosphere and the staff were brilliant. This casino is the ideal place for any beginner to go, they have people on hand to help you learn the games and even have an area where the staff all wear T Shirts saying something along the lines of 'Play and Party' where they will teach you to play any of the games for free!

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