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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Slots Machines Coming to England!!!

It was announced last week that Manchester the rank outsider at I think 16/1 won the race for Britains first Super Casino.

The Super Casino will have 1,250 unlimited jackpot slot machines. 16 other licenses were or will be granted for a range of small to large casinos which will also be holding 80 - 150 slot machines. These slot machines will have limited jackpots up to £4000.

Slot Machines is a rarely heard term here in the UK. Although Fruit Machines, which do vary, are very common in most local pubs and also very popular.

With all these new casinos opening up in the UK more a more people will be introduced to the most well known types of slot machines. Hopefully they will enjoy the live casino slot machines so much so that they will then want to try out the online slot machines in the comfort of there own homes, and hopefully finding our site in the process.

There is some worry over Britain becoming a gambling nation. Most of the worry is to do with people becoming addicted, however the government and Manchester in particular are keen to address this issue, that was one of the key reasons they are thought to have won.

It was also interesting to hear how the Super Casino will hopefully help in the regeneration of one of Englands largest cities. One sector of the community against casinos, is the muslim community. However, Islam also forbids poverty and this casino will provide alot of jobs and certainly reduce poverty in the area for some people.

Orginally the British government wanted 8 of these Super Casinos, but to get the gambing bill through they only planned for one, mainly because of there fears of gambling addiction.

When something is enjoyable it is always likely some people will be at risk of becoming addicted. However the vast majority of people will not become addicted, so why should they miss out on enjoyment. At the same time I certainly agree as much as possible should be done to help people with any kind of gambling addiction.

I would be all for more Super Casinos, I,m sure it will be a huge success.

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