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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Andy says, 'Today there was snow in England so I made a snowman!'

If anyone out there was unsure as to where I reside, its in England and I have proof. Today we had snow so I built a snow man ( I say I, it was actually me and my wife who built it). As you can see he stands well over 6 and a half feet tall and has a plant pot for a nose, brass door handles for buttons and a really rather fetching black hat!
I confess I added the ears, I thought its just not fair snowmen never seem to get ears, so my wife (Lara) decided he needed feet too. We are calling this snowman Charlie (I dont know why, thats just what Lara said he's called).
The sea of snow you see behind me and Charlie are normally deep green fields (due to all the rain here in England). So it made a nice change to see everything white this morning.
Don't worry I have been working hard though and even with a 'snowman break' we will still have a couple of reviews of the latest slots games online shortly.
Where ever you are in the world today why not make time for just a little bit of fun :o)

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