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Thursday, February 15, 2007

We have a winner!

If you are a member of our slots club you will receive our monthly newsletter and will already know that we have a winner for our first ever slots forum competition. Our winner was Slotty a relatively new member to our club and already one of our biggest forum posters.

I was very pleased that such a nice person won, finding out they had won Slotty's response was, 'well thanks much I appreciate it, as I appreciate this site. It's a keeper! ' Which I personally found very flattering and I hope many other people agree.

Although the number of members of our still pretty new online slots forum grew very quickly in January, we did not have as many new posters as I would have hoped for. This leads me to think there was some kind of flaw in our promotion, there was a discussion in the forum at the half way point of our competition and I would love some more opinions and ideas of how I could entice more slots players to post.

Before we started the Slots Jam website, we did a lot of research and could not find one single forum community that was dedicated to slots games. Sure I could find 'online slots sites' that had forums, but they did not simply stick to slots, their forum threads seemed to be full of poker and blackjack players. In one forum I saw a newcomer ask a fairly straight forward question about slots strategy only to get flamed, by blackjack players. I am pleased to say the webmaster of that forum did intervene, but from what I could see the damage was done. It was at that point that it became very clear in my head that the forum on the new site we were working on (which at that time had not even been named) , would not have any sections for other casino games, and would be a safe haven for slots players and that must include new comers. I wanted (and still want) everyone to feel free to ask any questions they may have.

I also wanted to ensure the forum was a flame free forum and for that reason made the very first rule of the forum to Be Nice - If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I also wanted to ensure the forum was spam free and as well as actively moderating the forum we have also installed a number of anti spam mods.

On the two forum points above I personally feel at the moment both of those aims are being achieved. Where I feel we are underperforming is our lack of activity. Although we currently have 401 active users (and growing fast) we currently only have 31 members who have made a post, and two of these members are us (that’s me Andy, and the forum moderator SlotsVIP who also posts in this blog).
I do hope I haven’t bored you all with today’s post, Well done to Slotty and everyone please do post any suggestions you have for how I could make our slots forum more tempting for you to post in.

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