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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Slots VIP says, 'Work or build a snowman?'

These days it doesn't snow very often in England and when it does its usually just a little.
The last 4 months have been the warmest for the time of year for decades and it certainly has highlighted the issues of global warming.

So we certainly were expecting LOADS OF SNOW. The proper good perfect soft snow that makes great snowballs and of course great snowmen.

Working at home it was a difficult choice, work, or eh,,,,snowball fights with the neighbours and building big snowman with family. The results are in the picture!
Ok, yes, most people do use a carrot for the nose and we have used it instead for the eyes and mouth. Not my doing, but hey certainly was alround fun.
If its similar weather where you are and your also in the mood for playing slots be sure to check out our winter slots range. :)

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