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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reviews of RTG slot games

Sorry for no blog posts the last 10 days, it amazing how fast time flies. Anyone would think we haven't been giving slotsjam our full attention but nothing could be further from the truth!

First up, we've been working on a new way of sending our newsletter, hence why yesterday all members of our slots club recieved a fairly plain text newsletter, when in fact it should have been sent in full html and have looked great in your inbox. Sorry about that, we'll have to think of something to make up for it in the next newsletter! It's certainly not been an easy ride integrating a forum and newsletter which boast various functions, I wont actually bore you with!

Apart from that we at slotsjam have been knuckling down and working (well playing really) all the slot games offered by Real Time Gaming software. Which importantly there casinos allow U.S players!

I've been playing them myself at 49ner casino. There whole range of slot games are all very interesting and many have some unique feature that makes them a little different and more interesting to play which as regards doing a review takes longer.

Take the Hillbillies Slot Game for example, the 3 Hillbilly characters act as Wild and Multiplier symbols and can boost the payout of every winning combination, they also act as Scatter symbols, plus they activate the free spins! No wonder my heads all a blur after trying to review all that, (bad cold also doesn't help and you all know how bad men get there colds ! :) )

I've touched on RTG slot games before. I think the slot games themselves are great and alot fun. There are still a couple of software issues, like for example sme of the bonus games don't offer autospin, which maybe for general playing doesn't matter but when your waiting to get a screenshot it can be a bit tedious. Also, you have to install each game one at a time, I much prefer the casinos where you can mass install lots of games at once.

All in all the uniqueness of there slot games makes up for any shortfalls. I certainly look forward to giving all there slot games full exposure of the slotsjam and seeing what players make of them.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Good News for US and Canadian Players

Over the past 6 months it seemed like just one thing after another for US Players with some casinos stopping accepting them and some payment processors closing their doors on them.

However the tide does now seem to be turning, there are actually talks of the unlawful gambling act being over turned. Plus one casino is now actively encouraging US and Canadian Players to join by offering them a better Bonus than that which they offer to Players from else where in the world. This move is signalling that they intend to stay and I have also been informed that they also have another payment method which will accept US players and will be announced later this week.
Not only that this bonus is awesome, it is a 400% welcome bonus and if you have been keeping an eye on the forum you will have already read about all the details. The casino in question is Vegas Palms and the payment method they request you use in order to take advantage of this offer is EcoCard which is of course available to and still accepting US accounts.
Also as Vegas Palms is part of the Fortune Lounge group, if you join using a link from the Slots Jam site (which includes links in this slots blog) then you are also entitled to your 10,000 Free fortune points.
So best of luck to my US and Canadian readers and here's a big banner linked to Vegas Palms where you can take up this great exclusive offer.
400% Free Bonus Exclusive to US and Canadian Players

Friday, March 9, 2007

Slots reviews translated in to German.

German Flag
A couple of weeks ago I unveiled our French and Spanish pages and now our German Playtech Slots reviews are ready. We have also had our Tropez Casino review translated into German.

Now for some interesting facts about Germany for you all. The formal name is the Federal Republic of Germany which translates to Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Germany or Deutschland is a founder member of the EU and is also a member of the UN. The capital city is Berlin and the local currency is the Euro.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Sit and Go Slots Tournaments plus Free Rolls at Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Casino today became the first and currently only Microgaming powered casino to offer online slots tournaments. Part of the Fortune Lounge Super Group of Casinos Royal Vegas are offering a Free Roll (that means free to enter for any newbie’s reading) Slots Tournament every 2 to 4 hours, and are also offering Sit and Go Tournaments. This is something which I have not seen at any other online casino before but which I think is a really great idea. I have updated my forum thread which explains the different types of slots tournaments including sit and go style.

Entering an Online Slots Tournament at Royal Vegas really could not be any easier, click on the image for it to become full size and give you an idea.
How to Enter a Slots Tournament at Royal Vegas Casino

In the Sit and Go Tournaments they are currently limiting the number of players to 5 per tournament, and giving 2 prizes per tournament (1st and 2nd place), this gives you a great 2 in 5 chance of winning. Although the time scales on the Sit and Go Style Tournaments are not as long (you generally get a maximum of 5 minutes worth of play), I don’t see this as a bad thing as for a very low buy in you get 5 minutes of fun and a very good chance to win. Plus unlike the usual weekly or monthly tournaments it is instant gratification as you will know if you have won or not straight away.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Day at Lingfield Park Race Course

Today we were invited to go to Lingfield Park Race Course to learn about the new River Belle Bingo that has just recently been launched. As anyone who has read my UK Casinos review page will know River Belle UK is in my opinion the best for UK Players.

The buy £75 get £75 Free for every player every month is without a doubt the best casino offer available at the moment. As well as the great monthly bonus (showing how they look after their existing players), I also like the fact that it is not a massive monthly bonus but still way more generous than other casinos offering a monthly bonus. That also shows their commitment to players and in a way encourages the players to budget, rather than simply trying to get a player to play as much as possible all in one go. Playing Slots (or any other game) at an online casino should be fun, so it is really good when an online casino is taking a really responsible approach.

The day at the Horse Race track was great, neither me nor Lara (my wife) had ever been to the horse races before, I had been to lots of dog race nights but never to the horses. It was a fantastic day. River Belle sponsored the whole event so Lara even got to judge the best groomed horse for one of the races!
Andy and Lara at Lingfield Park Race Course with River Belle Bingo Banner

Above you can see Lara and me (Andy) standing by the big promo banner for the new River Belle Bingo. I have never played online bingo myself, my mum showed me it once (as she plays a little), but that’s it. However from what I was shown of the River Belle Bingo software and its features it did look very good, the chat features and chat games with different special offers, and chat games going on each day all looked very interesting. It looks like more of a community than just a bingo game (although if you didn't want to play the chat games (which are free) you don’t have to). I do however play at River Belle Casino (that monthly bonus is just too good to miss) and I have also played at the River Belle Poker room and the quality of everything under the River Belle brand is always exceptional. So even though know very little about Bingo I believe the new River Belle Bingo will live up to the reputation too. If any of you are Online Bingo Players maybe you could let me know.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A quick look at The High Life

What a great name for a slots game, 'The High Life' after all what many players are hoping for is to have a really big win so that they can do exactly that, live the high life.

The High Life Slots game is one of Microgamings latest games, it is a 5 real video slot which offers free spins and allows you to bet upto 100 coins per spin. Making this game suitable for high roller and low rollers alike.

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Ghost Rider Movie is at the Cinemas in the UK

Hi All, you may remember back in December 2006 I reviewed the brand new Marvel Slots Games which included Elektra , Ghost Rider and Iron Man and I spoke about the Elektra movie (played by the lovely Jennifer Garner).

I also mentioned the DareDevil Movie (in which Ben Affleck who is Jennifer Garner's real life husband) and had previously reviewed the new DareDevil slots game that had been released earlier in that year.

How cool that there is now a Ghost Rider Movie, I havent seen it yet but I know Ghost Rider is played by Nicolas Cage and I also know the leading lady is Eva Mendes.

So as it seems all of the Marvel Characters are having movies made about them (The Hulk has been done, so have X-Men and Blade), all of which already have at least one slots game each named after them. There is a Hulk Slots Machine and a Hulk Fruit Machine, an X-Men Slots Game and a Blade Slots Game and we have reviewed them all.

So I wonder which which Marvel Character will be next on the Big Screen, there are only four left that already have Slots Games but not official movies and those are Thor, Silver Surfer, The Punisher and Ironman.

Friday, March 2, 2007

New Daredevil Dave Bonus Slots Game

I have just finished our full review of the brand new Daredevil Dave Slots Game, The game is packed full of features including a free spins bonus feature and a unique dare devil jump over obsticles style bonus game. Below you can see the moving image of that bonus game which we made (and if you have looked around our site you will find that we have moving bonus images for every bonus game we have reviewed, allowing you to get a better feel of what a game is like without ever having to download any software.)

This new slots game is also the focus of attention in the latest freeroll slots tournament being held at English Harbour and SuperSlots called Two Wheels Good. The tournament has a $5000 Bonus fund and is going to be running from 1st March until 8th March 2007 and you can join for free at any time during that period.

The other Freeroll Slots Tournament at the moment is being held at Hot Pepper Casino and although it has a smaller Bonus Fund ($500) it would be easier for beginners to understand due the the fact it is being played on a classic slots game (Liberty 7's), also as the buy in gives you a much larger fund it is more likly to be won buy someone who does a rebuy.


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