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Monday, April 30, 2007

Petition to get UIGEA over turned and City Club has a new offer

If you watched last weeks Perspectives Weekly you will know that there is a petition you can sign if you would like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to be reversed. As many of you know we are big supporters of the APCW and can even been seen in the Web Partners section on their front page. We have also kept our sites visitors up to date with all regulations in all country's with our gambling laws page and because we know US Players are getting sent a lot of confusing messages we have maintained a special US Players page which allows our US visitors to see any big updates, shows which safe / approved casinos do and do not accept US players and where they can get information about the best payment methods to use.

There is a target of 400,000 signatures and at the time of writing there are 3100 signatures so if your in the USA (or even if your not) go and sign the petition now.

You can watch Friday Perspectives weekly now below.

<a href="http://www.apcw.org/APR27th07-SHOW027.wmv"><span style="color:#FF0000;">Click here to play this clip using a stand-alone player.</span></a>

400% Bonus up to $/£/€ 400 FREE at City Club

Yes you have heard it correctly the new welcome bonus at City Club Casino is a massive 400% welcome bonus. City Club Casino does not accept US Players so lets assume you are in the UK and you visit City Club Casino and deposit £100 you will be awarded £400 extra and will thus have £500 in your casino account to play with. That is a great offer by any one's standards.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New RiverBelle Slots Tournaments

Slots Tournaments have always proved popular with our Slots Jam visitors so we are pleased to announce today that Microgaming Casino, RiverBelle has added new slots tournaments to its casino games menu . Full details are in the RiverBelle Slots Tournaments Forum Post.

Basically they offer a free roll slots tournament which can be played every few hours. These are great value for the player because at the moment not many people are playing so there's much more of a chance to win.

In time as no doubt more Microgaming casinos will join in with these slots tournaments and add to the pool of players more players will be playing and therefore you will be less likely to win, although prizes should get higher.

They also offer Sit and Go tournaments for just a small entry fee, whereby for example you if you sign up to a tournament, as soon as 5 players have joined the tournament starts. These normal mean playing a particular slots game like multi line and bonus game slots Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck.

If you do play keep us informed as to how you get on.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hot Pepper Casino Offer Week Long Taurus Bonus

Hot Pepper Casino, which is one of our favourite Vegas Technology Casinos is offering all players a 25% deposit bonus all this week.

They are also running a freeroll Whats Your Sign Slots Tournament which will appeal in particular to any slots players who also enjoy or take an interest in Astrology, as the only game you play in the tournament is the bonus slot game Whats Your Sign.

The tournament offers a bonus prize fund of $2000, so this is certainly a game I will be playing later tonight and during the rest of the week.

Monday, April 23, 2007

From Birthday Offer to Free Money for Online Slots!!!!

After just over a week of offering our visitors the exclusive birthday offer we have decided to replace it and highlight some very good totally free money no deposit offers to play slots at casinos.

This is mainly in part to the very nice $50's free no deposit required offer from Microgaming Casino - 7 Sultans. A great casino which has a huge range of slot games.

We have combined this with the exclusive to slots jam - free $10 no deposit required offered by Slots Village which will also appeal to player who don't like to download casinos and just like to play flash games. There games are really fun and enjoyable to play and we will certainly be completing full reviews of each and everyone of them in the coming weeks. I can't wait!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 New RTG Casinos - Slots Plus and BODOG

With the completion of the Real Time Gaming slots reviews and then the demise of 49 ner casino it became even more important for us to add the best new RTG Casinos to Slots Jam so our vistors can play there online slots.

This wasn't too much of a problem as we fully intended to add new RTG casinos and had been researching them for quite a while to find the best ones.

In the end we opted for a new casino, Slots Plus, which in its layout and games menu put slots players as priority.

We also opted for a well known brand as joint first choice in BODOG Casino. Another great place to play, although they have a large number of slots games, its a casino that will appeal to players who like the whole range of casino games.

My personal choice is Slots Plus, I just prefer the more slots orientated design, brightness and freshness of the casino. Plus they have the more appealing bonus, currently 125% Bonus from $10.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

49 Ner Casino closes its doors.

I just found out today that 49ner casino which is the only Real Time Gaming Casino we use on slots jam is closing its door by the end of month.

We had only just finished reviewing the slots games offered by the Real Time Gaming software and I was doing this purely by playing through 49 ner.

As regards slots jam and our members/vistors it barely has any impact as we had given them very little exposure and in actual fact were looking at adding other RTG Casinos to the site and possibly removing 49 ner had they not fixed a couple of slot games that were not working.

Apparently they are closing due to it becoming "increasingly difficult to effectively process financial transactions to 49er's valued US customers." Clearly the Yosemite Sam brand of the casino was very U.S geared and that has proven its downfall.

Personally old Yosemite Sam got on my nerves afer a while, plus I didn't really like there casino games menu in comparision to some other RTG casinos Ive been looking at or the fact that some slot games didn't work over a period of a couple of weeks.

Anyone who does play there has no worries as there accounts will simply be closed and any monies owed will be returned.

For now we have replaced them with the very reputable and well known BODOG Casino.
An altogether more professional casino and a big brand name. It certainly offers a wide range of slot games so an ideal place to play.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Progressive Slots Section gets an overhaul!

Sometimes even the best of designs stop being functional after reaching a certain size and now that we have reviewed 90 Progressive Slots Games we felt we really must change the way our Progressive Slots page works. One of the reasons for making this change is that the page had got so big with so many Live Jackpot Tickers that it was taking a long time to load and nobody likes a slow loading site.

So we have now split the page into a progressives slots section and have created one page per software type to so you can now view all the Vegas Technology Progressive Jackpots on one page all the Microgaming Progressive Jackpots on another page, all the Playtech Progressive Jackpots an so on.

We hope you like the changes we have made to the site and agree they will be useful. If you think we could improve the site in some way please do let us know. Oh and if you do happen to be lucky enough to win a Big Progressive Jackpot please do remember us and stop by and post about your winnings in the moments of fame section of our slots forum.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Slots Jam's First Birthday and a great Exclusive Offer

Yesterday was Slots Jam's official first Birthday, although we were working on the site for months before hand it was not until the 14th April 2006 that we opened the doors to the site, and so that is the date we are counting from.

It has been a hectic year and we have had a number of great achievements and have listed for your interest a month by month account of some of the highlights we have had at Slots Jam in that first year. You can view the highlights on our Slots Jam's Birthday page just scroll down until you see the words 'The First year of Slots Jam'. There you will see amongst other things, the different logos we have used at different times during the first year as well as some of the awards the site as received and given.

On that same page you will also see details of an exclusive offer we have secured for you to celebrate this occasion. The offer not only gets Slots Jam's visitors VIP treatment but also gets them a bonus of up to $/£/€50o (depending on which currency you deposit in). The exclusive Birthday offer is with one of the Internets oldest and trusted online casinos River Belle Casino and is open to players from most countries.

We would also like to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU, to all of our sites visitors for helping to make SlotsJam.com one of the most popular gambling portals on the net. We would like to say a special thank you to all of your who have given us feed back and suggestions as your comments have really helped to guide us as we further shaped and expand Slots Jam. Please do keep the feedback coming, and remember if you have any problems gaming online let us know we are here to help.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Real Time Gaming Slot Reviews Complete

Have a few days holiday and it seems to take a week to get back fully on track. Saying that I have had a day off for a funeral this week, so its not surprising I feel I little tight for blogging time only doing a 3 day week this week.

Well anyway, we have finally completed all the Real Time Gaming slots reviews we had set aside to do. There's still a few odd ones to be done but the vast majority are covered.

RTG have an excellent range of slot games, the vast majority of which I played at 49er casino.
From the point of view of reviewing them it was a little difficult because there slot games have so many features and most of the slot games are so unique, not the same slot game rolled out under different themes as some software providers do. Obviously some of the slot games are similar but they make extra effort to change the bonus features in some way or another.
All makes for good playing time for slots players but from the point of view of reviewing them it took a little longer to work out each individual slot game.

In particular I like there loyalty slots, where you build up some bonus aspect of the game and its ready and waiting for you next time you come back to play. Many were pretty basic classic slots. However it worked well on the 5 reel slot game Super Diamond Mine so I hope they bring out more of those in the future as if players enjoy the game I'm sure it will be a good way to keep players coming back for more.

Currently for RTG casinos the only one we have fully reviewed and approved is 49er casino. We may well look to expand on this as although 49ner have an excellent reputation there were a couple of ongoing glitches in the software with a couple of games it wouldn't allow me to play, namely Its good To Be Bad and El Torro which I didn't get to complete a review for.

Easter Slot
I'd just like to add, in regard to an earlier blog post, I did actually find the ideal Easter slot game!
It was Lucky Rabbit which is only availble for a short while at Intercasino.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It’s official we are partnered with APCW!

If you have visited Slots Jam in the past and read about any of the Industry Bodies we are members of you will know we are big supporters of the APCW and even have a page dedicated to the APCW and J Todd. As you can see by the photo on that page I have met J Todd a number of times and I can honestly say he is a very nice chap indeed, honest & genuine plus he has a real energetic glow about him too.

If you are new to the site allow me to bring you up to speed. The APCW has been around for many years and originally stood for The Association of Professional Casino Webmasters of which I (Andy) have been a member for many years. However after the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling act in late 2006 J Todd changed the meaning of the name to mean The Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters.

Our understanding of the Unlawful Internet Gambling act is that it makes it illegal for US based banks to accept payments to Online gambling operators, although of course there are many ways around this and alternative payment options for US Players. No Player has ever been arrested as this law is not aimed at the players but at the banks and credit card companies. You can learn more about this bill and others on our Online Gambling Laws Page. Currently it does not appear to be illegal for US Players to play online although there may be exceptions at a state level. After the law was signed in many online casinos stopped accepting US players and we started our own page which detailed which online casinos accept US Players as well as those that do not and of course we also suggested you visit the APCW and Join the Fight on that page too.

PerspectivesWEEKLY is as the name suggests a weekly 10 minute video clip which is presented by J Todd and allows any viewers to keep up to date with any news relating to the the lawfulness of online gambling all over the world. Each clip always starts with a different person and has the slogan Join the Fight through the entire show, the idea being that if enough people get behind the APCW it will have more chance of getting the prohibition that it appears the current US government are trying to have with online gambling stopped and these silly bills over turned.

If my memory serves me correctly over 85% of US citizens polled do not want online gambling to be illegal and would much rather have the freedom of choice. Yet even in the US where democracy is meant to be strong this sneaky little bill still got passed (although it was very sneaky how it was tagged onto the end of a port security bill).

OK so back to my first point if you visit the APCW you will now see Slots Jam listed in the right hand column just under where it says WEB PARTNERS. This partnership is something we at Slots Jam are very proud of and we would just like to take this opportunity once again to encourage all of our visitors to visit the APCW and Join the Fight.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Slots - Are there Any?

Easter is fast approaching so I thought Id put together a selection of Easter Slot Games. Not actually as many as I first thought there might be.
Cashanova starred again, that also featured as one of my Valentines Slots.

There isn't actually one slot game (not that I could find) that is purely dedicated to Easter, you know Easter Eggs, fluffy rabbits and baby chicks, that sort of thing.

All the ones I could find were by Microgaming , thankfully they also had the 4 Golden Goose slot gams, which while not directly Easter related they all have the same 4 bonus games whch all include large Golden Eggs and plenty of prize money!


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