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Friday, April 13, 2007

Real Time Gaming Slot Reviews Complete

Have a few days holiday and it seems to take a week to get back fully on track. Saying that I have had a day off for a funeral this week, so its not surprising I feel I little tight for blogging time only doing a 3 day week this week.

Well anyway, we have finally completed all the Real Time Gaming slots reviews we had set aside to do. There's still a few odd ones to be done but the vast majority are covered.

RTG have an excellent range of slot games, the vast majority of which I played at 49er casino.
From the point of view of reviewing them it was a little difficult because there slot games have so many features and most of the slot games are so unique, not the same slot game rolled out under different themes as some software providers do. Obviously some of the slot games are similar but they make extra effort to change the bonus features in some way or another.
All makes for good playing time for slots players but from the point of view of reviewing them it took a little longer to work out each individual slot game.

In particular I like there loyalty slots, where you build up some bonus aspect of the game and its ready and waiting for you next time you come back to play. Many were pretty basic classic slots. However it worked well on the 5 reel slot game Super Diamond Mine so I hope they bring out more of those in the future as if players enjoy the game I'm sure it will be a good way to keep players coming back for more.

Currently for RTG casinos the only one we have fully reviewed and approved is 49er casino. We may well look to expand on this as although 49ner have an excellent reputation there were a couple of ongoing glitches in the software with a couple of games it wouldn't allow me to play, namely Its good To Be Bad and El Torro which I didn't get to complete a review for.

Easter Slot
I'd just like to add, in regard to an earlier blog post, I did actually find the ideal Easter slot game!
It was Lucky Rabbit which is only availble for a short while at Intercasino.

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