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Friday, May 11, 2007

New $25 Free Offer and Andy in a Freezer!!!!

Today Jackpot City Casino have given us a great no deposit required $25 free offer for all our players. This offer is in addition to the regular buy $50 get $100 Free offer which you are welcome to take up as well. We have added them to our growing list of casinos that offer you free money with no deposit required which can be found in our forum.

$25 Free at Jackpot City
More from Amsterdam, Andy at the Ice Bar!

Whilst in Amsterdam last week we were invited to a Party in the ICE Bar where the walls, seats, bar and even the glasses where made of ICE. The entire place was -8 degrees C and upon entering they gave everyone a warm winter coat and gloves to wear. The Party was hosted by Playboy Casino so as well as having Ice sculptures to admire they also had a whole bunch of models and 2 real Playboy Bunnies (If your all real nice to me I might post some photos of them another day). So here is a photo of me and Lara in the Ice Bar (if you look carefully you can see I have an ice cube in my hand, yup that was my glass) and notice how the walls are all big Ice Cubes too. Literally very cool.

There was also a Tapa's style bar called 'Some Like It Hot' which was connected to the Ice Bar and that is where the Playboy Bunnies and Models spent most of their time (and I cant say I blame them, the poor Playboy Bunnies where not allowed to wear the gloves or winter coats in the Ice Bar, poor things). Lara and me spent most our time that night in the Ice Bar with some friends of ours which was great and they had a free bar. There was however only one little problem and that was because it was so cold they could not serve anything that was not alcoholic. This leads me onto my Thank You's. I would like to say a special Thank you to Claire Leighton and Marc Waxman for helping to look after me in my drunken stupor and ensuring I actually got back to the Hotel.

Ok I feel it is now time for a shameless plug for Playboy Casino, full of great Cryptologic powered games including a number of Exclusive Playboy Slots. Their loyalty program is some what unique to say the least, you earn bunny points which you can spend on various Playboy 'things' and can even win a trip to the Playboy Mansion to live it up with hugh and the bunnies. I am guessing most Men are going to Love Playboy Casino, me well I could not possibly comment other than to say the games are great and the software is reliable.

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