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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Silver Surfer Movie and the Silver Surfer Slot

We have changed our Themed Slot on the main page of Slots Jam to show the Silver Surfer Slots Game. We have done this in recognition of the current Silver Surfer Movie which was released at cinemas in the UK and USA on 15th June 2007. As with all the Marvel Slots Games, the Silver Surfer Slots Game shares in having 3 progressive jackpots.

The 3 progressive Jackpots are:

Marvel Jackpot: Which starts at: $5000.00

Super Hero Jackpot: Which starts at: $500.00

Hero Jackpot: Which starts at: $50.00

All of these progressive jackpots are won every few hours, which in addition to the amazing graphics and sound effects which put Cryptologic ahead of its competitors when the first batch of Marvel Slots games were released. You can view the total value of the Marvel Jackpots along with other Cryptologic progressive jackpots.

The Silver Surfer first appeared in issue 48 of the monthly Fantastic Four comic book series in 1966. Norrin Radd born on the planet Zenn-La and became the Silver Surfer when he struck a deal with the planet eating Galactus to find new worlds to satisfy Galactus hunger in exchange for sparing his home planet. As part of the bargain, Norrin received cosmic powers and a surfboard on which he could fly around the universe in search of planets. If you have not already seen the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer I am sure you will enjoy it as it depicts the Silver Surfer flying around Earth causing havoc whilst the Fantastic Four battle to stop him.

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