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Friday, June 22, 2007

New Video Poker Section

Video Poker Game overview

We have decided to expand Slots Jam to include another type of Slots Game and that is video Poker. Our new Video Poker section has now been started and you will be able to see it grow over the coming months.

We left video poker until last for our types of slots because it is so very different to all the other types of slots we have reviewed. Unlike the other slots games you see reviewed on this site video poker does not have any reels or symbols as such. Instead you are delt cards which you can either hold some or all of or you can draw again (thus changing your hand). If you are familiar with poker then you will have no problem playing video poker as the hands are exactly the same. However what you get paid out depends on the pay table just like any other slot machine.

Video poker is one of the most popular forms of slots games and there are a wide range of different types and as you would expect we will review all the good ones for you. But our video poker section will be more than just reviews we also intend to give you tips to increase you chances of winning as well as outlineing what the various video poker terms mean and of course we will detail the various video poker hands.

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