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Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Online Slots Web site

I came across a fellow online slots website today, New Online Slots. It's always a good idea to check out other sites on a similar topic to see if we can pick up any ideas for improving our own website.

The site puts content and visitor information to the forefront and any casino banner ads as a sideline, which is always a good thing for the visitor.

As the site name suggests they concentrate there site exposure on the very latest released slot games, which are getting better and better all the time, so therefore the most interesting slots and also most probably the most played slots at the online casinos. From the homepage of New Online Slots you can see at a glance a pic and title of the newest slot games from each casino software type.

On there slots game type pages they list all the slot games with an image from the game and a description of the game. This makes it easy for visitors to glance down and see games that my appeal to them, which they can they click and get more information on.

For each slot review they feature a couple of images of the game, usually the reels and a bonus game image where relevant. They then have an easy readable table of other key points of the slot game features, for example, software type, number of reels, max bets and more info.

When a player has looked through many of the online slot reviews they can then decide where to play. They can do that by using the site menu and choosing one of the various slot casino options or by choosing one of the different online slots bonus options and find the most suitable casino that way.

All in all a very good web site!

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