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Friday, February 15, 2008

February Newsletter and THANK YOU to all readers!

Whilst I post this blog post, some 3841 people will be receiving my February Slots Jam Newsletter in their email in boxes! That is a lot of people, and to think they all found my site and took the time to join my forum and opt into my slots newsletter. I want to say thank you all very much, I am humbled by the large numbers of people signing up and it does motivate me to do even more and to further improve the quality of our newsletters.

I always try to make my newsletters something that will be of interest to genuine slots players, so I usually have a section on showing the latest slots tournaments and another showing the latest slots games to be released with mini reviews, I also try to include any important industry news as well as the best casino offers (which are usually offers that I have negotiated as Exclusive Deals for slots jam visitors) and because I think life is better when you smile I always include a joke.

I really do not like spam, so we never ever share our visitors email addresses with any other party! Plus so that my readers don't get over loaded with slots related news, I limit the number of newsletters I send out to a maximum of 2 a month although normally only send one per month.

I really hope my readers do find my newsletters an interesting read, the only feed back I have had has all been positive, but if you are a reader and have any comments or suggestions (even negative ones) please do let me know. For non subscribers you can view past newsletters on our site here.

If you would like to receive our Slots Newsletters and be part of our online slots community then visit our Registration page where after answering a few simple questions (to prove you are not just a spamming robot) you will receive an email which will contain a link you will need to click on (so that no one can sign up anyone else, like I said before I don't like Spam and I certainly don't want to spam any one else). After you have done that you will be able to post in our slots forum and will also receive our Slots Newsletters.

Go on Join today it is Free and you will get some great Exclusive offers.

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