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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Fruit Machines Article Added!

Whilst talking with some friends I noticed there is alot of confusion to exactly what makes a Fruit Machine a Fruit Machine and not a Slot Machine. Now me being me I know the difference, so I thought I would construct an article on Fruit Machines to give those less familiar with the finer points an insite. The article not only goes through what it takes for a game to be classed as a fruit machine but also, gives you a brief history of fruit machines as well as recommending some of the best online fruit machine games.

If you are lazy and dont want to read the full article but would like to know exactly what makes a fruit machine a fruit machine here is the short version. A Fruit Machine is a type of slot machine (so note, not all slot machines are fruit machines). A Fruit machine always has certain features, these are a hold feature, a nudge feature a cash ladder and a bonus trail (also known as a bonus board). A Fruit machine may have other features too, but those are the ones that it must have to be classed as a fruit machine, notice they are skill based features, for full information on each feature see the article.

Ok guys have a great weekend.

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