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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Healthy walk in Stowe Open Gardens on Mothers Day.

As it was mothers day today, we had a mass family outing, with all the mums. Both my brother (Rob) and Sister (Lucy) came along, Lucy's Husband (Paul) came along as did his Parents so did my Mum and Tony (who you may remember from Tony's Magical Mystery tour), plus my wife (Lara) and her Parents. Instead of going out for meals (which lets face it is unhealthy and expensive, especially when you are a couple and trying to fit two mums into the same day). We decided to all go to Stowe Open Gardens in Buckingham and have a walk around the gardens and a look at all the follies.

We had a really nice day and all the mothers seemed to enjoy themselves. After our walk we all went back to Lucy & Paul's house where we enjoyed some delicious home made soup, both healthy and tasty.

Below you can see a picture of me and Lara sitting on a wooden 'Thrown' in the back ground you can see the gothic temple style folly, which I am told you can rent out by the week.

Andy and Lara on a Wooden Thrown in Stowe Open Gardens Buckingham

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