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Friday, March 7, 2008

Lock Down Bands first live performance!

From time to time, I make a post which has nothing to do with slots and nothing to do with the time of year or any regular theme. Well today is one such day! Last night My band played at a Band Jam at the Grand Junction Pub in Buckingham, the house band was Spaced out so we played through their PA and amps but used our own guitars (and in my case Bass guitar). This was the first time my band had played in public, we are called Lock Down and are a four piece Indie / Rock band playing covers from the likes of Oasis and Blur through to classics such as 'Alright now' by Free. Three of the bands members (myself, Mark on Drums and Robin who sings and plays guitar) where in a band called Face to Face many years ago, so when Mark called me mid 2007 and asked if I would like to join a new band I jumped at the chance. The only person in the band I had not met before it formed was Steve who plays lead guitar and is really easy to get along with.

The reason for attending the band jam was to get a little bit of extra practice in before our first 'proper gig' which if you are interested in coming along is tomorrow night at the Tawny Owl Pub in Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes (which for all of my non UK readers, that is in England about 70 miles North of London). So without further adue here are a couple of photos taken at the very first live appearance of the Lock Down Band!

In this photo my wife (Lara who took the photo) said it looked like I was 'in the zone' I can tell you all right now with some level of certainty that was not the case, my eyes are closed simply because there where spot lights shinning on the 'stage area' and they where blinding me so I just shut my eyes rather than keep squinting. This photo shows, Robin (in the middle with the red 335 style Guitar), Mark on Drums and me Andy with my favourite silver bass guitar.

This photo shows the whole band including Steve who looks like he is mid solo, I would guess this picture was taken whilst we played alright now, shame Marks face is lost behind a cymbal.

Hmm now I come to think of it I did notice that the old Granary (the part of the Grand Junction we were playing in) had a fruit machine, and it was the Coronation Street fruit machine at that. There you go I said something about slots. Have a great weekend and I will probably post some more action pictures from our gig tomorrow night.

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