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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strange Banners from Jackpot City Casino

You may remember my post a few days back where I talked about the 'new look' Jackpot City Casino, well I have received the strangest banners from one of their pr guys. I really don't know what to make of them, after I said they are going for a more serious look they send me these. lol The only serious thing about these banners seems to be the 'facts' quoted on some of them, where they display massive jackpots and of course the oh so serious new Jackpot City logo.

So here goes, I will give a little commentary under each set of banners.

man with a papper bag on headdog in sheep skin rug

Hmm some guy in a string vest with a paper bag on his head, the slogan may say,'Play how you like' but still the question remains why? Next up a dog (a grey hound I think) with a sheep skin rug over its back, maybe a poke towards wolf in sheep's clothing?

lady with mask on and a plastic dogbouncerGirl with leggings, pink shorts and heels plays football

OK this first banner (the one with the lady in underwear with a mask on and a plastic dog), I really don't know what to say about this banner something about it just gives me the creeps, I just don't like it, but don't know why not.

Now the second banner I can see the logic behind very much an 'if your names not down your not coming in' type of theme, with a red carpet implying VIP service and security all in one.

The third of this group must just have been made to be eye catching a girl with high heels and bright red and yellow stripy leggings and pink shorts on playing football (well trying to).

strange bannerred knickers and bear

Archibald Mumford, come on is that a real name?? The guy in the picture looks a bit like Tony Blair might if he was on drugs to me, but still there is sort of a 'can you beat me' type challenge theme to this banner.

Now unlike the previous banner featuring a lady in underwear I do like this one. I think it is funny, a bit of a Red Riding Hood spoof but also the 'Are you Bored' comment seems to go very well with it. Although how many sites will show this and how many potential casino players would click on it are totally separate issues.

bizarre banner

They say you should save the best till last, but this one is just plain out right bizarre, I am sure I don't get it but then that's maybe the point. I think this brings my post about strange and bizarre Jackpot City Banners to a suitable close, have a nice weekend guys.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Andy's First Visit to the Opera

Last night I went to the Opera for the first time. We (Lara, her Dad and me) all went to see The Merry Widow Opera at the London Coliseum run by The English National Opera. The London Coliseum is quite an impressive building, from the outside it looks very tall and thin, but is very detailed with a kind of big ball on the top, and on the inside there is a lot of marble. I actually liked the stairways the best, they swept round and had really short (about 18 inch's long) sturdy looking marble pillars holding up the heavy stone banisters.

The Opera itself was similar to going to a musical in that there was a lot of singing and dancing with some really clever choreography. However unlike going to a musical I did not know any of the songs and even though The Merry Widow Opera is in English I could not understand many of the words, especially when they where being sung (which was most of the time) so I found myself having to read the subtitle's quite allot. The story was very straight forward, a very wealthy widow (she had 20 million Franks, which in today's money would make her a billionaire), was being courted by a wide range of men all after her money, there were some sub plots too all based on people being unfaithful in their marriages. Although very easy to understand I thought the actual story itself was pretty weak, but it was very entertaining, their where a number of jokes and I am told as Opera's go this is a light hearted one.

For all the avid slots players reading this, the only Opera themed slots game I know of is actually based on a Musical (one of my very favourite musicals in fact) and is simply called The Phantom of the Opera Slots Game, which can be played at Slots Plus, as the Phantom of the Opera slots game was only released on tuesday we have not yet done a full review of it (should be done for middle of next week) but we have of course done a review of slots plus casino.

Every time I go into London I always think how lucky I am not having to make a daily commute to work like that. Whilst standing on the train platforms I heard a lot of apologies for delays from the rail company (mostly Capital Connect on my route) and coming home both the train we needed to catch and the train that came after it were delayed! Lara's Dad had also been delayed on his way into work, you would think by now a city as old as London could have a clean reliable train service.

Speaking of clean it simply wasn't, I paid £20 (that's about $40 US for my non UK readers) and got nothing but delays, a seat (and sometimes only standing space) on a few over crowded trains. But whilst I was waiting to come back and heard yet more 'Sorry for the delay's' type announcements, it hit me, there is not really any other way in and out of London, the congestion charges and over crowded roads along with a total lack of parking spaces rule out driving in, so the trains have got people over a barrel they can charge what they like (and pretty much do) and they really don't care what level of service they provide as people can not simply switch to their competitors as they are the only option on any given route.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Focus on Sloto'Cash Privilege Club

Many of you may already know that I really like slotocash, there are the islots and then there is the ease of use of the software as well as the great customer support and of course fun slots games. Well i just got an email telling me all about their VIP club which is free to join and gives player benefits including cash back on deposits! So rather than rewriting the whole thing I have pasted the key parts below so you can see these benefits for yourself.

Members of "Club Sloto" get 5% Cash Back on total lost deposits, within a 1 month period

SlotoCash VIP Gold Card

Join the Sloto'Cash Privilege Club!!

Get the most out of becoming a member at Sloto'Cash Casino and join Club Sloto for a whole host of extra player privileges. Simply make a deposit of $50 or more and Join Now!

Benefits include:

* 100% Match Monthly Reload Bonus
* Random Sloto Tickets!
* 5% Cash Back on Losses within 1 month
* Faster withdrawals
* Every $1 wagered, earns 3 Comp points on slots and 2 Comp point on table games.
* Birthday Gift and much more...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

6 New Slots Games at Slots Plus

I have today learned that Slots Plus and selected other Real Time Gaming powered casinos have 6 new slots games. These games are Bunko Bonanza, King Tuts Treasure, Phantom of the Opera, Rapunzel, Sherlock Holmes, Magic 7s. Now 5 of thse games are video slots and whilst the other is a reel game. I can't wait to play the Phantom of the Opera, that was one of my all time favourite west end musicals (second only to the Queen musical We will rock you which I thought was just amazing), but Phantom was magical.

Sherlock Holmes is another game I really can not wait to play, I used to love watching it on TV when Iwas a kid, so I guess its off to Slots Plus for me.

Slots Plus Phantom of the Opera Slots Game

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Exclusive Offer at AllSlots

The exclusive birthday offer has now come to an end, but has been replaced with an even better offer, now instead of having the chance to get $5010 in free bonuses you can get $5500 in free bonuses at All Slots Casino.

Exclusive Offer at All Slots

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wii Boxing update 2

Ok I know none of you are interested in this at all but I have to tell someone and Lara is so unimpressed, but my new wii boxing rank is over 1700! In the world of Wii boxing my little Mii is like Mike Tyson baby!

I thought I should really have a look for a boxing themed slots game and you know what I have only managed to find one. It is good old Fruit Machine game and is called Fruit Fight.

Fruit Fight Boxing themed Fruit Machine

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wii boxing update

Just thought I should post again and let you all know I have improved my boxing rank to over 1300! Oh yeah, I am pro! lol

Seriously I really do think this Wii thing is great, I can play a computer game and exercise all at the same time, this might even help kids lose a little weight, although it is no substitute for a good game of football down the park, but far better on rainy days (which is most days here in England).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Focus on the revamp of Jackpot City

It was only a couple of months ago that Jackpot City Casino got a complete facelift. a Number of things change, they added in Slots Tournaments and the bonus changed from a 100% match bonus up to $100 to a 500 Free No Deposit Required bonus. This new bonus is quite interesting as it means there is no risk at all on the players side, however there is a catch albeit a small one. The player may only transfer a maximum of 200 free credits into their 'real credits' balance and a minimum of 20 credits and this must be done from a positive balance. Now a by positive balance what they mean is a balance over 500 so if you have 520 then you can transfer 20 but if you have 850 then you can transfer a maximum of 200 (even though your positive by 350). I hope that makes sense.

Ok next up there was the whole look and feel change, as I think I said at the time (see my april Jackpot City Make Over Blog post) I really liked the old look, but more than that I liked the logo too. Below you can see both the old and New logos, one is very vegas and the new logo is very slick and well modern I guess.

Old Logo
New Logo
Old Vegas Style Jackpot City Logo
New Jackpot City Logo

When all said and done Jackpot City does remain a great online casino and I can understand that their new look may allow them to be seen in a more 'serious' light by their potential players. Their existing players will however know that they have always been a serious online casino, great fun and as the old slogan used to say,'Home of the biggest Jackpots' but then the new slogan sums it up pretty good too, 'More Jackpots, More Often!'.

Monday, May 19, 2008

We got a Nintendo Wii

Ok so it was my brothers Birthday on Saturday and he has a Wii and wanted the Mario Karts game for it, earlier in the week I had been round and had a go on his wii and thought the boxing was great. I had only played on one twice before and had only played the bowling and baseball which were ok games but not enough to make me want one.

Now the boxing was a whole other thing, I loved it. So when play.com emailed me to say they were out of stock of the Mario Karts game I had ordered for my brothers birthday present, I rushed around a few shops until I found one that had it in stock. But I took Lara with me too and after seeing so many of these Nintendo Wii's when Lara said shall we get one, I had to say yes.

Well so far I have played lots of the boxing and am loving it, just yesterday I figured out what a Mii was and made my own Mii character and now have a boxing rank of over 400!

Nintendo Wii boxing image

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Iron Man Movie Review

I know I don't normally give movie reviews, but last night I went to the cinema and watched iron man and I have to say it was the best film I have seen so far this year. For any of your reading this who have not seen the film, I wont be giving away any of the plot, but I do intend to talk a little about some of the characters and other aspects that I liked.

So Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) is a Billionaire and what a life style head leads, he has so many great gadgets. First up there is Jarvis, now Jarvis is the computer that runs his house, and seemingly everything else technology wise in Tony Stark's world. Then there is his really cool robotic helpers one of which is just so cute, I know it is just a robotic arm but its more what it does and how it does it rather than what it looks like that makes me say it is cute.

But the very best helper is of course Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), now how cool would it be to have a personal assistant like Pepper Potts, she literally takes care of almost every aspect of his life and spoke my wife's favourite line of the movie when she said, 'I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all?'.

Now one odd thing I did find was I thought Pepper Potts had really sexy shoes, I say odd because the shoes in question are really high heels and open toe which are generally two things I don't like in ladies shoes. I mentioned that I liked these shoes to Lara at the time and she said then, 'surely not, you don't normally like anything like that'. Looking at the still images now I can't see the attraction, but when I saw the movie and Pepper was wearing these shoes I did think they where hot so maybe something is lost in the still image. Or maybe all the junk food I was eating (popcorn, ice cream, minstrels and Coke) was going to my head. Mum if your reading this yes I know I was being a piggy but I didn't have any dinner that night!

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man

And below is a close up, I found these images on a Shoe Blog where I also learned that these shoes apparently look like 'fetish foot ware' and that they are actually louboutins shoes or more specifically “tenue” by christian louboutin and have a 6 inch heel! I was pleased to note that I was not the only person who noticed that poor Gwyneth was wearing these shoes in metal grates (and of course her heels didn't get stuck once, I wonder how many takes they took or maybe they had a sheet of clear perspex over the grates). Anyway I was amazed just how many website's there are dedicated to Gwyneth Paltrow's foot ware' when I did a search to try to find these shoes again. Oh and the price should any of my lady readers want a pair of these ankle breakers you can get them for $435.

Gwyneth Paltrow Feet in christian louboutin's heels

Acting wise, I was impressed with both Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. who I think both portrayed their characters brilliantly but I think the guy who played Dr Yinsen did the best job, his character must have been a hard one to play but Shaun Toub got the perfect balance and even though his character did not get to appear for long he was great.

Seeing as this is a slots blog and all I guess I should really tell you all that there is a great Iron man slots game and that we have of course reviewed it for you. The Iron Man slots game is based on the new movie and is available to play at Intercasino.

Iron Man Slots Game

Friday, May 9, 2008

30K Free Slots Tournament at River Belle

It seems to be the year for big free slots tournaments, and now it is River Belle Casino that are entering the arena with their Free to enter Slots tournament that allows players to get a share of $30,000 with first place taking home a massive $10,000. The way this tournament works is more like a series of tournaments allowing players to win prizes at each stage, so there are the daily $500 Adventure Free Roll events that take place from May 9, 2008 until May 18, 2008, inclusive. Where players can win entry into the semi finals as well as cash prizes. The Semi Final is called the 5K Adventure and will run between 19th and 24th May where players can win more cash and entry into the big final which is where the big money can be won. In short it is free to enter and you could win big and the Tomb Raider Slots game it is being player on is one of the most popular slots games on the net, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have fun on this risk free adventure and please remember to post in the moments of fame section of our online slots forum if you win.

30k Free Slots Tournament

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New UK 6 Bonus Offer Upto £500 FREE at Platinum Play

Just launched today this offer is smoking hot for UK players allowing you to get your hands of £500 of free casino cash at one of the most trusted casinos online. Platinum Play is after all the very casino that so many of you voted for as being Best Casino for Beginners in both 2006 and 2007.

New UK 6 Bonus Offer at Platinum Play Casino

Now be warned this offer is only for UK players. But if you are in the UK here is an overview of how it works.

Bonus 1 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £100 (Get up to £100 FREE!)

Bonus 2 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £50 (Get up to £50 FREE!)

Bonus 3 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £50 (Get up to £50 FREE!)

Bonus 4 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £50 (Get up to £50 FREE!)

Bonus 5 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £50 (Get up to £50 FREE!)

Bonus 6 - Receive a 100% deposit match, up to £200 (Get up to £200 FREE!)

Important Notes: You must claim each bonus in order to be able to claim the following bonus. You have fourteen days in which to claim each bonus after claiming the previous bonus. To claim a bonus you simply make a deposit (minimum amount being £20) and you should automatically be credited with the bonus amount.

For example, when you make your first deposit of £100 you will get Bonus one and thus £200 will be added to your account, 6 days after your first deposit you will become eligable for bonus two but you need to make that second deposit within 14 days of your first deposit (so we recommend you just make a note on your calender to make your second deposit exactly one week after your first deposit). Lets say for your second deposit you decide to deposit just the minimum amount to qualify and deposit £20 you would get credited with an additional £20.

Once you have claimed Bonus 2 you can then claim Bonus 3 but you must do that within 14 days of your second deposit, if you fail to claim bonus 3 by not making your third deposit in time you will be unable to claim Bonuses 4, 5 and 6.

Our Hot Tip: As 6 is the biggy we strongly recommend you make a note on your calender to remind yourself when you are going to make each your deposits.

Full details of this 'UK 6 Bonus Offer Get up to £500 FREE' can be found on the Platinum Play website and if you have any queires or questions we urge you to contact their 24 hour free support staff who will be more than happy to help you maximise your bonuses.

I have given the full and exact terms and details of this offer in a post titled New UK 6 Bonus Offer Upto £500 FREE at Platinum Play in our online slots forum if for what ever reason you do not feel comfortable asking the casino support staff questions you are totally welcome to contact me (Andy) and I will do all that I can to help you. Having been reviewing online casino games for a number of years now I have come to know a number of people in the Fortune Lounge Group very well so I am in a good position to be able to help you.


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