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Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy's Short Break in Crete

You may have noticed there has been an absence of post in the blog the past few days and that is because I have been away. I want to first say a special thanks to Slots Helper and Slots VIP for keeping the site ticking along whilst I have been away.

So we got a great deal to go to crete for 5 nights and try out the brand new Sensatori Crete resort. So Me Lara, Mum and Tony (remember from Tony's Magical Mystery Tour) all went along. The resort in general was not finished, the staff were all very nice and friendly though and although we had troubles with leaking showers and jacuzzi baths we did get everything sorted out and had a great time, in what (when finished) I am sure will be a fab resort.

Crete is one of many Greek Islands in the mediterranean sea, it is both the biggest island and the most southern one, except for the little island of Gavdos. The Sensatori resort is in the small town / village of Anallipsi, but we also visited the popular holiday town of Hersonissos as well as the capital of the island Iraklio from where we got a coach to Knossos and learned about the ancient Minoan civilization.

So with our further a due here are some pictures of our little adventure. First up this is me and my beautiful wife Lara in the Hotel Bar.

Andy and Lara

Next another picture of me and Lara this time we are in Iraklio (which I was sure was called Iraklion when I was out there) and the castle in the background is actually an old Venetian Castle (the Venetians ruled Crete from 1204 to 1669).

Andy and Lara in front of a Venetian Castle

In this next image you can again see me and Lara this time we are in front of a really large pot which believe it or not was over 4000 years old! Yes you read that correctly those big pots each standing over 2 meters tall really are over four thousand years old and can been seen at the ancient Minoan Palace in Knossos. The Minoan Civilization is one of the oldest known in Europe and its disappearance still remains some what of a mystery to this day. The palace which the Minoan's built at Knossos had allot to boast about, for example they had build a pipe to bring water from a hill top some 12km away to the palace for drinking water, had over 2000 rooms and as far as we know never went to war, they were a totally peaceful civilization. One theory of how the civilization might have got wiped out (and almost certainly how the occupants of the palace did) was due to a serious of events. First there was an Earth Quake which it is believed caused a fire in the underground cellars that the Minoan's used to light up with oil lamps (that was very hi tech 4000 years ago), it is thought that this Earth Quake and Fire was then followed by a large Tidal Wave which is thought to have wiped out such a large percentage of the population that the civilization could no longer function. But like I said that is all just theory no one really knows for sure, either way it is a shame that such an advance civilization got wiped out it took many hundreds of years before man kind got back to that level of technology again.

I should add that in both the image above and the image below (both taken on the same day) I am wearing my chinese style suite which I bought in Hong Kong on my honeymoon, now at the beginning of the day Tony thought it right to poke fun at my chinese look (telling me I looked like something out of a Jackie Chan Movie) but by the end of the day the practicality of the outfit was becoming apparent to him and he actually said he would like one too.

Andy and Lara at Knossos

Lara was determined that she would have a paddle in the sea and so here she is doing just that.

Lara in the Sea

Whilst Lara and I took a walk on the beach (me on the sand and Lara in the Sea), Mum and Tony (see below) lounged around the pool side reading books and doing cross word puzzles and generally relaxing.

Mum and Tony in Crete

So now it is back to reality, and to be honest it is good to be back, I always enjoy coming home after any trip away. As always there is so much to do so I guess I had better stop going on about my holiday and start doing so actual work.

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