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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strange Banners from Jackpot City Casino

You may remember my post a few days back where I talked about the 'new look' Jackpot City Casino, well I have received the strangest banners from one of their pr guys. I really don't know what to make of them, after I said they are going for a more serious look they send me these. lol The only serious thing about these banners seems to be the 'facts' quoted on some of them, where they display massive jackpots and of course the oh so serious new Jackpot City logo.

So here goes, I will give a little commentary under each set of banners.

man with a papper bag on headdog in sheep skin rug

Hmm some guy in a string vest with a paper bag on his head, the slogan may say,'Play how you like' but still the question remains why? Next up a dog (a grey hound I think) with a sheep skin rug over its back, maybe a poke towards wolf in sheep's clothing?

lady with mask on and a plastic dogbouncerGirl with leggings, pink shorts and heels plays football

OK this first banner (the one with the lady in underwear with a mask on and a plastic dog), I really don't know what to say about this banner something about it just gives me the creeps, I just don't like it, but don't know why not.

Now the second banner I can see the logic behind very much an 'if your names not down your not coming in' type of theme, with a red carpet implying VIP service and security all in one.

The third of this group must just have been made to be eye catching a girl with high heels and bright red and yellow stripy leggings and pink shorts on playing football (well trying to).

strange bannerred knickers and bear

Archibald Mumford, come on is that a real name?? The guy in the picture looks a bit like Tony Blair might if he was on drugs to me, but still there is sort of a 'can you beat me' type challenge theme to this banner.

Now unlike the previous banner featuring a lady in underwear I do like this one. I think it is funny, a bit of a Red Riding Hood spoof but also the 'Are you Bored' comment seems to go very well with it. Although how many sites will show this and how many potential casino players would click on it are totally separate issues.

bizarre banner

They say you should save the best till last, but this one is just plain out right bizarre, I am sure I don't get it but then that's maybe the point. I think this brings my post about strange and bizarre Jackpot City Banners to a suitable close, have a nice weekend guys.

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