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Monday, May 19, 2008

We got a Nintendo Wii

Ok so it was my brothers Birthday on Saturday and he has a Wii and wanted the Mario Karts game for it, earlier in the week I had been round and had a go on his wii and thought the boxing was great. I had only played on one twice before and had only played the bowling and baseball which were ok games but not enough to make me want one.

Now the boxing was a whole other thing, I loved it. So when play.com emailed me to say they were out of stock of the Mario Karts game I had ordered for my brothers birthday present, I rushed around a few shops until I found one that had it in stock. But I took Lara with me too and after seeing so many of these Nintendo Wii's when Lara said shall we get one, I had to say yes.

Well so far I have played lots of the boxing and am loving it, just yesterday I figured out what a Mii was and made my own Mii character and now have a boxing rank of over 400!

Nintendo Wii boxing image

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