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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Incredible Hulk Movie review

Lara and I had another night at the movies last night where we watched The Incredible Hulk Movie, after watching the Iron man movie I had high hopes for this film. Lara did not, expect so much, her comments where, 'it was pretty much what I expected'. I think if you just want to take your brain out for the evening and be entertained then this film will do that, there is a lot of action and chasing but not really the strongest story line in the world.

Liv Tyler and Edward Norton both did a good enough job, but nothing as out standing as in the Iron Man film. I thought it was a really nice touch that Lou Ferrigno (who played the Hulk in the original series & movie) was in this film. But I was not so impressed to see Tony Stark (yup from Iron Man) in the movie. I also did not like the way the movie was finished, because well really it wasn't, at the end of the film there are 3 potential Hulk like creatures, one the 'mad scientist bloke' who after seeing that he might be turning we are then not shown any more of him, the other is the crazy mutant hulk thing, and then of course there is the 'good' Hulk.

Anyway I will stop going on about it now here is a picture of the original Hulk (Lou Ferrigno painted green).

Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk

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