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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Saturday at Seed proving ground and Crazy Golf in Felixstowe

What a busy day after a long drive to the Thompson and Morgan's we had a look round the proving grounds and saw a wide range of award winning vegetables. There where also a wide range of flowers, more than I have ever seen in one place, there was a wall of sweet peas with over 20,000 flowers on it (no I didn't count them).

Now I am not generally a gardening type, but I did find a few really nice flowers one I was impressed with was the 'Charlie Dimmock Fuschia' which had a really large flower. Lara can be seen below inspecting some of the flowers.

Lara at Thompson and Morgan's open day

So what slots could I recommend to an avid flower gardener hmm, well how about Flower Power or Secret Garden.

Next we moved onto Felixstowe where we had a stroll along the sea front, where the beach was very pebbly (although totally packed with people). We also had a ice cream and played crazy golf, the crazy golf cost us a pound which sounds really cheap but the games where in very poor condition and Mum thought we should have only been charged 50 pence.

We all had a really great time, and below you can see Lara playing Crazy Golf, and of course I can recommend 3 online slots games for Golfers, these are Golden Tour Slots, Hole in Won and of course Lucky Shot.

Lara plays Crazy Golf in Felixstowe

I know I could have used some photographs of me but, you have to agree Lara is much better looking and hey I was taking the pictures.

On our way home we stopped at a Chinese restaurant which was very nice indeed. The restaurant was called Yim Wah House and is near the A1 (the receipt says it is in Caxton Gibbet, but I can not honestly say I was paying any attention to the name places when we stopped).

The decor in the Yim Wah House was amongst the best of any Chinese restaurant I have been in and the food was also very good indeed, although it was a little pricey. You know what's coming, yup I know of a number of related slots games the best suited is Chinese Kitchen, but you might also like Crazy Dragon, Orient Express or even Eastern Dragon.

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