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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hancock Movie review

We went along to the movies again last night (this time to the Odeon which is at The Point in Milton Keynes). the movie we watched was Hancock, if you haven't already watched it or don't want to know anything about it stop reading now, although I will not reviele the whole story.

I have always thought Will Smith is a great actor, and I read an interview with him once and he seems to have a really good philosophy of life. I have never seen a movie that he has been in and not enjoyed it (I thought he was particularly good as Mohammed Ali in Ali). As I expected Will Smith was excellent as Hancock the Alcohol drinking / druken super hero, who is the centre of the movie. The story line is about how Hancock saves a PR man and how that PR man then decides to help Hancock by improving his public image as people hate him.

Charlize Theron plays Mary Embrey who is the PR mans wife in the movie, Charlize Theron is another good actress and although I know alot of guys always say how sexy she is I have never really seen the appeal, but in this movie I thought she looked great and played the part very well indeed. My Favourite movie starring Charlize Theron prior to watching this was Aeon Flux which is a great 'future' based sci fi film.

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