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Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul!

It was a busy weekend, what with the gig on Friday and then Pauls Surprise 30th Birthday Party on Saturday night. Paul is my sisters husband (my brother in law), unlike some inlaws I have heard about we get on really well and we have kind of a love to wind each other up kind of a relationship.

My sister (Lucy) went to extra ordinary lengths to arrange the surprise party for Paul and had arranged (amongsth other things) a whole leg of pork and a chocolate fountain. Both very tasty in deed, I should maybe mention at this point that given the choice Paul would live on meat BBQ'd meat if he was given the choice, hmm come to think of it he might need some liquid to, can be pretty sure he would choose bear, oh yes there was plenty of that at the party too.

It was clear that everyone had managed to keep the party a surprise, Gemma (Lucy's bestest friend since they where kids) had arranged tunes for the evening on her ipod and Jit (I am pretty sure his real name is Ian) did a great job of keeping Paul out of the house all day on Saturday, especially after some last minute changes to arrival times. So well done all.

I knew Paul was in a state of shock and that the party was a surpise as like I said to Lucy he didnt try to take the micky out of me all night. Later on when I went to go home (early hours of the morning), I went to shake Pauls hand and he just gave me a big hug and informed me 'I Love you man' not wanting to miss an opportunity I realised he was drunk and got him to stand by his birthday balloons for a photo (which I did tell him I would put on my site).

Today is in fact Pauls Birthday and he is the BIG 30, so Paul 'OLD MAN' Happy Birthday from me oh and I love you to man!

So here is that picture!

Pauls 30th Birthday

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