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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sunday Afternoon with the Corfmans

On Sunday afternoon after the conference was over we got together with Michael and Steven Corfman of the GPWA and went on a really long walk followed by a cable car ride up to Castell de Montjuic. Once at the top there were fantastic views of Barcelona and the harbour, you could literally see for miles. We had to stop at a casino / amusement on the way which we just happened to be walking past but which apparently wasn't in the guys listing of casino guide so they wanted the details, that's dedication for you, always working. Photo below was taken after we had just had a little drink break at the base of the Castell de Montjuic, and shows Michael Corfman, Steven Corfman and Lara Beach (I was taking the photo, and the photo I did get a passer by to take, came out with my eyes closed, unlucky). Thanks for being great Trekking buddies guys, me and Lara both had a great afternoon.

Me and Lara had left the conference early on the Saturday to get ourselves a couple of hours in Parc Guell which is a must visit should you ever go to Barcelona, it is basically a really big park (designed by Gaudi of course) and you can get totally lost in there, it has so many different parts each with different feels. I really can not describe it, but I strongly recommend visiting, see the views or climb to the highest point, or sit in a wooded area and read a book oh and then there are the mosaics of the lizards.

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