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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free to Enter $12,500 Slot Tournament

Omni Casino have a new $12,500 Slot Tournament starting on May 15th. Entry is free and you can join the tournament rankings at anytime through your play. Of course, the earlier you start playing the better chance you have at winning.

This is a multi-level tournament that will cater to three “bet ranges” of slots wagering. It does not matter if you’re a low bettor or a high roller…everyone has a chance at winning a prize within their betting levels!

New: $75.00 Golden Touch Quick Win:  Omni Casino will award a  special $75.00 prize each leaderboard update to the player that gains the most new spin points since the last leaderboard update. The first leaderboard will be issued May 16th. On May 18th, the player that gained the most new spin points since the 16th posting will be awarded $75.00. This will repeat on May, 21,23,25,28 and 30th.

See the Omni Casino website for full details (you'll find this tournament listed under the "News" section of their website - select Volume 4 Issue 19 of the Omni Times Newsletter.)

Not suitable for US or UK based players.

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